Shar-Pei Enters the Crypto Market as a Top-10 Coin Contender

Recently, a new coin on the market called Shar-Pei entered the fray and automatically rose to be a top-10 crypto coin almost immediately after launch.

If you happen to know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and how they function, then you more than likely already know why this is such big news.

There are hundreds of new competitors every single month that are trying to make their way into the crypto market, but few, if any, ever manage to make it anywhere near the top.

However, Shar-Pei is the exception to this rule, and the reasons as to why this is the case may be a little surprising.

In this article, we will be talking about the whole situation surrounding Shar-Pei entering the crypto market and immediately becoming a top 10 coin on arrival, as well as telling you a few interesting facts about how crypto functions as a whole.

A Joke Amongst The Community

Just like the thousands of other self-proclaimed meme coins out there, Shar-Pei is not a coin that takes itself all that seriously.

There are an almost endless number of coins out there like Shar-pei, most of which never see the light of day. So, now you are probably asking yourself “well, what makes Shar Pei so different?”

In reality, the answer to that question is a little difficult to answer.

Of course, there are a few differences that make Shair-Pei stand out from the rest, and this certainly contributes to its sudden fame and notoriety.

However, with the highly-competitive nature that the crypto market finds itself in today, a few extra advantages is just not enough.

A huge part of the reason why Shar-Pei has managed to become so popular is simply because of luck, as well as the fact that people just love to make meme coins popular just to show how ridiculous the whole ordeal can be.

That’s not to say that Shar-pei doesn’t have anything to offer. Like we said previously, Shar-Pei does happen to bring some unique benefits to the table, and this is something we are going to go over later in the article.

However, like most other meme coins that try to capitalise on the success of doge, it is highly unlikely that this coin will remain in the position it finds itself in now.

This kind of ordeal has happened time and time within the crypto industry. A new coin will come out that everyone seems to jump on to which dramatically boosts its notoriety, only for said coin’s stock prices to drop to almost zero within the following weeks.

Sure, Shar-Pei may be the exception to this rule, and only time will tell. Although, all indications point towards this being the case, and it is highly unlikely that this coin will stick.

No Private/Seed Sale

One of the most notable aspects that differentiate Shar-Pei from the rest is the fact that it had no private seed to allow people to get in before everyone else.

In turn, this means that there is a much more even playfield when talking about Shar-Pei, and this is something that has been received extremely positively by the community for both financial and moral reasons.

Although, this is still not a big enough incentive to change the minds of people who are looking to buy doge, and in reality, a coin not having a private seed is just a nice bonus that makes people view it more positively.

However, it is no doubt that this point irrefutably played a part in making people excited about Shar-Pei, and it is one of the more obvious reasons why this coin managed to make it on the map when so many others seem to fail to make an impact.

Not Something To Be Taken Lightly

Despite Shar-Pei being just one of the thousands of coins that have tried to capitalise on the success of dogecoin, compared to most other competitors, Shar-Pei certainly has a lot going for it.

Shar-pei has potential, and even though it is almost a guarantee that it never will never manage to achieve the same level as success that coins like doge, bitcoin, and ethereum have, that’s not to say that it will not become a relatively solid option.

Only time will tell to see if this coin has any sort of sticking power in the long term, and who knows, we may actually see Shar-Pei becoming one of the top-performing coins in the industry.

All-in-all, the fact that a brand new crypto coin managed to make it into the ranks of being a top-10 coin almost immediately after launch is truly an extraordinary event.

Furthermore, not only is this an extraordinary one-off event, but it also goes to show just how special Shar-Pei is compared to all the other options out there.

It’s going to be exciting to see what the future holds for Shar-Pei, and we can’t wait to see how this whole ordeal unfolds given a little time.


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