Should you Trade Forex or Crypto?

Cryptocurrency and Forex both are popular choices in the trading market. However, Crypto is a new option that gained traction among traders in the late 2010s. That was when the trading market encountered a huge change, and many Forex traders shifted their interests towards Cryptocurrency.

Both trading options are still a favorite among traders, but choosing any of these options can be challenging. Many people believe that Forex and Crypto are two different options that have no comparison. That is not true. Both share similarities and differences. We will be discussing the differences so traders, particularly new ones, can make an informed decision.


You might know this trading option as Foreign Exchange. Globally, this option trades in currencies from different countries. With Forex, you can trade up to 150 currencies backed by different governments. The choice of currencies depends on the liquidity or highest trading volume. You can choose the popular currencies for trading are Yen, British Pound, Euro, and the U.S Dollar.


  1. Forex trading is accessible for individual traders. You can easily create a Forex account. You can join a broker and access numerous benefits such as price charts, strategies, tools, new and market pricing, all in real-time.
  2. You can trade with Forex trading 24/5
  3. The returns are fast and include deep liquidity. You do not have to wait longer for returns and asset value growth.
  4. There are numerous leverages from small to big, depending on your strategies.
  5. There are a few commissions and fees.
  6. As the Forex market is huge, it offers sufficient liquidity so you can trade easily.
  7. The tax rule system is easy and simplified.
  8. You can automate your strategies and tasks.


  1. Sometimes, the market is volatile, like any other market. This volatility in the trading market will affect the success rate of your strategies.
  2. You need a bigger volume of assets for bigger benefits. Beginners might struggle at the start because of the limited trading volume.
  3. You will be getting a few residual returns.


Cryptocurrencies are digital assets and allow numerous investment options. It does not relate to any government but rather individuals and groups. These currencies are not exchangeable. You cannot buy groceries from your local supermarket in cryptocurrencies. All the transactions in these currencies are digital.


  1. There are numerous benefits and considerably huge returns.
  2. With a higher risk of Cryptocurrency, it offers numerous investing assets that you can choose from. These assets will help in lowering the risk with new and unique techniques.
  3. You can cash out the investments at any time with simple procedures.
  4. Increase liquidity by building a strong network.
  5. The market is open 24/7.


  1. There is a huge challenge for market fluctuation.
  2. When you lose, you will be out with everything. There are no securities on your loss.
  3. You need to understand the working process of Cryptocurrency in detail. If you know little about technology, then you will find it hard to comprehend.

Similarities between Forex and Crypto

You need to understand the market before you can make high returns and prepare future strategies. Demand and supply determine prices in both markets. The trading process is flexible, and you will not need much time to access the platform. You simply need a computer and an internet connection to get started. You will find numerous platforms based on the features to start trading.

Differences between Forex and Crypto

Even though there are a lot of things common between Forex and Cryptocurrency, you also need to consider their differences before making any decision:

  • Both trading options are available 24 hours, but Forex is available for five days in a week. However, Cryptocurrency is available seven days a week.
  • The Crypto market is volatile as it is a new option in the market. However, Forex trading is stable and is a popular option for a long time.
  • Forex trading has lower trading risks as compared to Cryptocurrency.


Both trading options have numerous benefits, but it can make it difficult for traders to decide. If you are new and want to choose between these options, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of both options. To sum it up, Forex trading has higher liquidity, but Crypto has lower fees. Moreover, you can start and exit the market immediately with Crypto, but Forex has higher leverage for you. Furthermore, Forex is stable and has less volatility, but Crypto has a higher potential for returns. All these benefits of both options make it difficult for a trader to choose. But you can choose after comparing the above pros and cons.


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