Sirin’s Breakthrough Blockchain Mobile Releasing Today

Sirin Labs plans to ship the first ever Blockchain enabled smartphones called Finney today, the 29th of November 2018. The release comes after almost a year of its successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that raised more than $157 million in December 2017.

The company’s vision is to become the world’s leader in secure open source consumer electronics. It will help pave the way for Blockchain to be introduced to the mass markets through gadgets like smartphones.

In April 2018 the phone was reported to be manufactured and developed by Taiwan based Foxconn Technology group which is a major manufacturer of products from Apple, Google, Cisco, Huawei and Amazon.

The native token of Sirin Labs, SRN  was seen to be bullish in momentum in the last couple of days as the release date of Finney was approaching. The only option of pre-purchasing the Finney was through SRN.

SRN currently trades at $0.111037 at the time of writing.

What stands out for Finney?

The word ‘Finney’ is named after the late Hal Finney who is known to have made the first Bitcoin transaction. The smartphone is designed to securely store and use digital currencies such as Bitcoin. What makes the phone special is its second screen which slides up from the back for Cryptocurrency transactions. The second screen is built with a software that’s secure enough to keep your digital currency safe.

The Finney device will run on Sirin’s very own operating system called Sirin OS which is a forked Android 8.1 version. The built-in crypto wallet helps you convert tokens for the use of decentralized applications without the need of an exchange. It also gives access to a store of decentralized applications (DApps).

The smartphone sports a 6-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio with a 402ppi resolution and 95% NTSC colour. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and paired with 6GB of RAM. It is equipped with 128 GB of inbuilt storage with connectivity options such as 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0 and WIFI.

The rear camera is 12 megapixel while the selfie camera is 8 megapixel. Users need not worry about the charge levels, as it’s packed up with a 3000mAh battery that is said to charge in only 2 hours!

Finney is a great phone for any cryptocurrency enthusiast. Combining the blockchain technology with a few Android features to keep you cryptocurrency safe, Finney could lead the way for a new type of smartphones. 

Image Source – Chipin

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