Tap Vs Crypto.com. Which Crypto card is better?

In the span of a few years, cryptocurrencies have grown from digital novelties to trillion-dollar technologies with the potential to disrupt the global financial system. Cryptocurrencies are unique instruments in the investing world. They share many characteristics of traditional currencies but can also serve as platforms for more sophisticated financial products.

As the interest of traders, investors, and the general population increases in cryptocurrencies the web3 companies are coming up with blockchain-based applications and services that can make the use of cryptocurrencies more efficient. A Crypto card is one such service that connects traditional and new digital ecosystems.

Cards such as Tap or Crypto.com offer consumers and commercial cardholders a number of benefits such as reduced or waived foreign conversion fees, near-real-time transactions, rewards, and multi-currency features that allow them to move between crypto and fiat in a simple and secure way.

Crypto cards function like traditional debit cards in a way that they take funds from the account immediately, so the account needs to be topped off using cryptocurrency linked to an individual exchange account or crypto account. Traditionally, users would have to convert their crypto through centralized exchanges, which would then wire them funds that can be spent – a process that can take hours to days. Crypto cards allow you to spend your crypto without having to move money around first.

Tap Card

Tap’s ability to facilitate real-world payments is done through an intuitive protocol. Its technology enables users to automatically utilize these currencies with the contactless card, with a simple manual exchange into traditional currency without the need to offboard via crypto exchanges. Mastercard principal membership enables Tap to issue payment cards directly to consumers, making it easier for people to buy, hold and exchange into multiple traditional and cryptocurrencies. Consumers can instantly convert their cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currency, which can be spent everywhere Mastercard is accepted around the world.

Tap has laid out highly profitable rewards for all three of its premium cards. The yield rates for Titanium plan of Tap are the following


BTC : 2%           ETH: 4%           LTC : 3%           USDC : 5%

USDT: 5%         ADA: 2%          XRP : 2%           DOGE : 2%

DOT : 2%         SHIB : 2%         LINK : 2%            MANA: 2%


USD : 5%            GBP : 5%           EUR : 5%

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Card Highlights:

Monthly management fee free
Exchange fee (Crypto to fiat) 0.6%
ATM withdrawal fee Free up to 500€
Proprietary Token XTP
Card spending fee zero
Card Inactivity Fee (After 12 Months) €3
Card ReIssuance fee free
Monthly transaction limit €120,000
Currencies Supported 15

Crypto.com Card

Crypto.com Visa Card offers its users a convenient way to use funds while also offering perks and other benefits. Crypto.com’s Rewards Visa card is actually a series of cards. Each card level is dependent on how much you stake—the more you stake, the more benefits and perks you can unlock. The highest card, Obsidian, for example, offers up to 2% return on wallet cashback rewards for certain purchases. The Crypto.com Visa Card charges no annual fees and is a Visa prepaid debit card.

It supports a wide array of cryptocurrency types, and to avoid market fluctuations, the owner’s chosen crypto coin is converted to U.S. dollars based on the real-time market value and then loaded to the Crypto.com Rewards Visa.  

Crypto.com Obsidian Review - CreditBit

Card Highlights:

Monthly management fee free
Wallet cashback Up to 2%
Exchange fees (Crypto to fiat) 2% (spread)
Card Inactivity fee (After 12 Months) €5
Card Reissuance fee €50
ATM Withdrawal fee Free up to $1000 (0.5% onwards)
Proprietary Token CRO
Monthly transaction limit 10,000 USD
Currencies Supported 250+

Tap vs Crypto.com Premium plans 

Tap’s premium plans are tailored to meet the demands of all traders and investors. Users can enjoy enhanced passive income prospects as well as fee savings on cryptos and foreign exchange to fulfill their needs & preferences. Tap customers have access to three types of cards that vary in features, rewards, and fees is demonstrated in the table below.


Tap Crypto cards Plan  Standard Black Titanium
Multi-currency Account                        
Card Deposit Free Free Free
XTP Staking Free 250K

(67.525 USD)


(135 USD)

Staking Period           X 1 year 1 year
Interest rates 3% 4% 5%
Crypto Trading Fees 1.5% 1% 0.6%
Exchange Fees 1.5% 1% Free
Free Monthly ATM Withdrawal 500€





Crypto.com provides a visa card that allows you to load it with cryptocurrencies and use it for payment services and withdrawals just like a regular card. It has multiple pricing plans which include Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo & Jade Green, Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White and Obsidian that cater to the needs of its consumers. It is important to note that the funds are deducted from cryptocurrency balance rather than fiat currency.


Crypto.com Card plans Midnight Blue Ruby Steel Royal Indigo & Jade Green Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White Obsidian
Card Issuance fee Zero Zero Zero Zero Zero
CRO Staking Zero $400 $4000 $40,000 $400,000
Staking Period 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months
Free ATM withdrawal Free up to $200 Free up to $400 Free up to $800 Free up to $1000 Free up to $1000
Monthly ATM Withdrawal limit €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €10,000 €10,000

Which card is preferable in terms of fees?

There are three main fees to be aware of when using cryptocards – deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Costs can vary depending on the payment method, trading amount, location, and cryptocurrency.

Neither Crypto.com nor Tap charges fees to deposit fiat currency (traditional money) via a bank transfer. Although, if you wish to use your debit/credit card, Crypto.com charges a 1% top-up fee while Tap doesn’t charge loading fees. In terms of withdrawals, Tap offers free and unlimited cash withdrawals while Crypto.com charges 0.5% after a certain limit. The maximum trading fee of crypto.com is 0.5% while Tap charges 0.6%.

Which card provides reliable security?

Both Tap and Crypto.com are highly secure platforms offering industry-standard measures. Crypto.com platform features a digital wallet with standard security features, including multi-factor authentication and a $750 million insurance coverage. The Crypto.com wallet provides private keys that are encrypted locally on the user’s device.

Tap is thoroughly forthcoming about its efforts to protect customer assets, which makes it the best choice if you’re seeking peace of mind. Tap offers a systematic and well-structured security approach that protects the confidentiality of Tap’s stored information, ensures the integrity of the company data, and improves the availability of its IT systems. Tap’s partnership with BitGo, a top-qualified digital assets custodian, ensures the highest level of security for Tap’s customers. By carrying a $100 million coverage insurance as an additional layer of protection from Bit Go, Tap integrates a significant hedge against loss.

The Verdict

Both Tap and crypto.com provide a range of premium cards with services that will suit different types of customers. First-time traders who don’t understand the terminology and process may prefer the simplicity of Tap along with the educational materials provided. It’s an excellent starter platform, and once investors are familiar with trading, the Tap app offers free upgrades and offers cheaper fees.

Crypto.com charges higher fees in terms of cash withdrawal and account inactivity. Moreover, the two highest card plans have highly expensive staking requirements of $40,000 and $400,000, which most customers can’t afford. Tap has a much more community-centric approach as it charges comparatively less card and withdrawal fees, no monthly fixed charges and a better daily and Monthly transaction limit as demonstrated above.

If we compare the premium plans of both cards, Tap’s premium plan is accessible for users who stake 500K XTP ($135) for a year, therefore making it extremely less expensive than the Crypto.com Obsidian plan which requires $400,000 staked for 6 months.

You can start right away by creating an account on Tap and enjoy their premium services customized to your needs. Give it a go!

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