The Online Casino Industry’s Switch to Blockchain

Blockchain is a cryptocurrency platform that facilitates e-wallets, support when buying crypto, transaction transparency, that also acts as a decentralised transaction database. With the growth of cryptocurrency in the online casino world and the increased use of it as a means of betting, Blockchain is providing a platform in which companies can authorise and manage the flow of crypto usage efficiently.

How does Blockchain work?

As mentioned prior, Blockchain is a cryptocurrency database that acts essentially like separated blocks forming a large chain of transactions, with each block coinciding with the next. Blockchain also provides an array of cryptocurrencies with the opportunity to create their own blockchain that processes transactions and transfers; often smaller cryptos will utilise a bigger currency’s blockchain in order to help establish their own as the use and value of their coins fluctuate.

Some of the most famous blockchains include Ethereum, the second most valued cryptocurrency in the world; which provides a secure blockchain for owners of the coin to securely transact or transfer money without the threat of unauthorised access to their history.

Due to the levels of encryption and security within the platform, all changes (transactions, selling of coins, buying, etc) have to be authorised and are tracked by Blockchain in order to maintain a safe and secure system.

Blockchain in casinos

The online casino industry’s gradual switch to Blockchain is creating the potential for a more innovative and secure experience. If a casino offers Blockchain as a means of transacting player’s money, this means that each player can select their preferred cryptocurrency and pay or receive funds following a game through this crypto.

By offering the general practice of using Blockchain, online casinos could begin fully integrating digital finance into their gameplay and allow players to seamlessly make quick and secure virtual payments. This in particular would be useful for live casino games, and this can be seen with the offers at Betfree’s Live Casino section. Whatever currency a player pays to the casino or receives can be sold and reverted back into fiat currencies (traditional finance, e.g. pound sterling), meaning that cryptocurrency is both accessible and transferable, depending on the needs of the account holder.

Also due to the increased availability of e-wallets on mobile devices, this means that gambling can occur from anywhere. Players can access their finances with ease and without the extensive waiting times associated with fiat currencies and banks and reduce transfer costs, overall supplying players with a more efficient gambling experience.

Making the switch

As cryptocurrency continues to grow and join traditional payment methods, or even take over from the former, the move to using crypto will be essential in terms of keeping up with rapid technological developments that are forecasted to happen within upcoming decades. When gambling crypto will likely take on a proportionate role when financing jackpots, when bets are made, and so forth, thus creating a bigger demand for this change to be integrated into the system at an earlier date.

Blockchain becoming a more distinguished and normalised means of accessing and transacting cryptocurrencies could push it to levels comparable to fiat virtual wallets (paypal, etc) and provide an entirely new option for gamblers to play with. Whether switching to crypto means investing £100 in Bitcoin or Ethereum and using a wallet through Blockchain to trial it when using your favourite crypto supporting online casinos.

Blockchain is the switch a majority of online casinos are making to move towards more use of cryptocurrency, so whether you want to win big or simply be innovative, this is the best time.


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