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These AMFEIX Fund Features Ensure that Your Funds are Safe and Secure is the world’s only blockchain fund that pools investments together and engages in liquid exchanges in a bid to provide the highest return on investments for its members. The platform boasts a team of high skilled and professional technical traders who operate the fund under very strict risk management environments to ensure that the investments made earn the investors great returns and ensure the company remains liquid and operational in the long haul. It aims to ensure that it keeps the security standards very high.

As trendsetters in the cryptocurrency market, AMFEIX aims to adopt only the best industry practices as we seek to ensure positive returns on investments and excellent customer service.


The platform aims to protect clients’ digital footprint by offering the option of verification of identity without providing any personal information. Clients are also able to keep their personal information safe while conducting their affairs online by using pseudo-anonymous addresses.

24/7 Customer Support

AMFEIX has a very capable, well-trained support team and investor chat room on their website, who is ready to assist investors with any queries on the platform and navigating the website.

Minimum Investment Period

AMFEIX believes in transparency and working closely with investors. Therefore, it has set no minimum investment period. All investors are provided with their own AMFEIX wallets, which are built on the Ethereum network, a completely decentralized network that ensures maximum security while on the Bitcoin Blockchain. This flexibility ensures that you can exit the fund at any given time for whatever reasons without any restrictions.

No Hidden Charges

AMFEIX can only make money if you profit from your investments. The platform charges no flat fees and has no hidden charges. Regarding the profits, AMFEX takes 20% and the investor gets 80% deposited into his wallet. Importantly, AMFEIX is financially incentivized to ensure positive returns on your investments.

Local Credentials

Your wallet is secured by 12 random seed keys. These keys are also used to link a device to your account. They require an 8-character password to ensure maximum security. These passwords can be stored encrypted in your computer or preferred device. As with any situation, do not share your password. It is the key to your wallet and your funds.

Easy Withdrawal

Funds can be withdrawn easily from the investors’ wallet. In fact, the platform refers to it as the 1-click withdrawal. AMFEIX seeks to maintain transparency with its investors and requires 24 hours for funds to be cleared. From the wallet, the funds can be transferred to any destination outside the wallet as with any Bitcoin Wallet.

Referral Program

AMFEIX has an excellent referral program in a bid to attract new investors into the fund and ensure growth. Driven by investor success and excellent return on investment, if you refer a client (whether business or individual) into the company, you earn 10% of their profits.

Base Currency

AMFEIX’s profit and loss (P&L) currency is the Bitcoin (BTC). The AMFEIX wallet is set to ensure easy and quick deposit and withdrawal of your BTC from any destination outside the wallet as with any BTC wallet out there.

Live Updates ensures that you get real-time access to your fund statistics and has automated deposits and withdrawals into the wallet.

These features exist on AMFEIX to ensure that investors’ funds remain secure, safe, and accessible at all times.


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