Top 10 best cryptocurrency YouTube channels

YouTube is currently one of the best learning tools available for not just cryptocurrencies but other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and so on. Creating a video that is not only educative but also entertaining and pleasant is not as easy as most people may think. You need to conduct enough research and your creativity goes a long way.

Over the last few years, YouTube has become a home for an array of channels devoted to all things cryptocurrency. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced trader, there is likely to be a YouTube cryptocurrency channel offering useful industry insights and opinions. However, not all YouTube channels are to be trusted.

We have provided a list of the 10 best cryptocurrencies YouTube channels and some of the best crypto vloggers in the business. Currently, there has been an abundance of low-quality channels with misguiding information and scammers who are spreading doubt, fear, and anxiety instead of educating people.

So without further ado let’s get started on the top 10 most recommendable cryptocurrency YouTube channels.


This is a great cryptocurrency channel with a following of over 25,000 people on YouTube. The channel has been running since early 2017 and it covers trading ICOs, market analysis, interviews, and the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies. Cryptobud’s main goal is to provide unbiased information to crypto-fanatics and share cryptocurrency advice.

Ivan Leon is the face of the cryptobud that’s what people call him. He gives a detailed analysis of market trends and coins he considers to be important from time to time. He even gives sponsored reviews but always mentions this at the outset. His reviews are very professional and he always asks the right question. He has created a name for himself as one of the genius crypto vloggers in the game.

He recently started cryptobud media where he offers training in market psychology technical analysis, fundamental analysis, portfolio management, and security. You join cryptobud media by donating monthly to Ivan Leon’s Patreon group. This is a channel you should check out.

If you are interested in ICO projects and the evolving altcoin, then this is the right channel for you. Cryptobud is a veteran in the market who has been around for quite some time and knows what he is talking about. We think that he is a real hidden gem.

Data dash

This one is the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel anyone that is interested in trading cryptocurrencies and altcoins, will love it. The channel covers fundamental and technical analysis.

Nicholas Merten is the host and face of the channel and is very honest and authoritative making him trustworthy and well-respected. Despite being quite young, Nick is very knowledgeable and resourceful, this is the reason why he has been able to get to over 300,000 subscribers. He is a long-serving data analyst and total crypto enthusiast. He is quite popular in the world of crypto being that he is a great leader and a prominent international speaker.

You will be able to get general advice, a broad range of crypto information, coin reviews, flow charts explanations, trading tips, data live streams, interviews, and other advanced technical details.

He recently launched a crypto startup whose sole objective is to bring crypto to the 99% that are yet to enjoy the benefits of decentralization. He is doing a great job and seems to have the viewer’s interests at heart which is why we recommend him as a great choice.


This channel is one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels available. The channel covers live-shows for major cryptocurrency events and the latest cryptocurrency news as well thus making it a great channel to stay updated with the latest news.

The hosted and face of this channel is Omar Bham who is a stock investor, a miner, and a major crypto enthusiast. He is a trust-worthy person with a great following on YouTube where he explains his deep understanding of the technology behind cryptocurrencies’, its social and financial implications as well. He is also very fond of his followers and keeps engaging them from time to time; he even responds to comments and hosts regular Q&A sessions which is not common with other channels and even with some of the best crypto vloggers.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is one of the most popular YouTube channels with over 250,000 subscribers. The channel deals with cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. This channel will feel like home whether you are a crypto beginner or an expert.

The host is a Swedish-based software developer called Ivon Liljegvist. He is also an international speaker and educator. He regularly shares videos about huge events within the cryptocurrency market and has been able to get over 17 million views in the past. He also frequently interviews key crypto figures such as Dan Larimar the Block-one founder, Pablo Ardoino the Bitfinex CTO founder, and Roger Ver the Bitcoin investor.

Ivan focuses on relevant information to keep everyone well-updated, entertained, and focused for hours and hours. Being a former programmer, he offers a unique programmer angle to smart contract projects and cryptocurrencies.

If you are for simple un-complicated content, then this is the right channel for you.



This channel has been running since 2014 and it aims at giving its viewers honest cryptocurrency reviews on an almost daily basis. It is a British channel with a wide appeal and a big dollop of humor. The production and video editing are of high quality adding a splash that many channels are lacking. You can even watch its top selection of cryptocurrency videos on their playlist. The best part is that the videos are time-stamped thus you can skip to the section you find most interesting and save a list of your times.

The host is chilled, witty, and sarcastic thus making the channel an entertaining choice for those who prefer a light-hearted take on the current events. No wonder cryptodaily has been able to gather over 150,000 followers and more than 9 million views.

So if you are looking for easy to digest and captivating news that will make you laugh, this is the channel for you. Be aware that the host is hilarious, so don’t be alarmed by his style to think that his channel is sketchy.


Boxmining is a very educative and useful YouTube channel that is run by Michael Gu. It has a strong focus on daily analysis of the Blockchain market. Gu provides well-prepared videos that make the most relevant topics easy to understand and accessible to both beginners and experts.

The host has a background in Science which gives him the ability to deliver technical nitty-gritty with hard forks, SegWit, and other Blockchain technology information in such a way that is easy to digest. He also offers views regarding events from both China’s crypto space and the international market space. He gives unique information and perspectives that are not covered in many channels which may focus on a particular facet of the industry such as trading.

Do not expect trading tips and hints on this channel and honestly, that is probably a good thing considering how volatile the crypto market is. So, if you aim to learn more about Bitcoin mining then this should be one of the channels you get subscribed to.

Doug Polk crypto

Doug Polk Crypto is a crypto-news and entertainment channel that covers the latest events in Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin among other major projects in the cryptocurrency space. It offers trading advice in an entertaining and fun manner.

Doug Polk. Doug Polk is the face of the channel that is named after him and he is no stranger to the YouTube space, he has been running another poker YouTube channel to complement his successful career as a professional poker player. His channel is humorous and well produced. He always has the viewers’ interest at heart while taking a skeptical approach in covering the latest crypto news and events. He doesn’t hold back when exposing amateurs in the cryptocurrency space to try and prevent people from being led astray.

This guy is one of the best crypto vloggers who can make cryptocurrency fun. No wonder he has to abound tremendous success with his YouTube channel that currently has 200,000 subscribers. He gives special focus on cryptocurrencies scares with enough into the traps that new traders are likely to fall into and how to avoid such traps.

The only downside, however, is that the videos are quite infrequent, you might have to wait up to 6 months for a new video to be uploaded.

Suppoman/ Michael Suppo

Michael Suppo is a well-known figure in the world of cryptocurrencies and arguably the most popular Brit in the cryptocurrency YouTube space. His channel is not only entertaining but also educational. He has several Udemy courses on cryptocurrency-related topics.

Suppoman is one of the most charismatic characters within the cryptocurrency space. He deems himself as a crypto superhero and has about 150 subscribers to show for his heroic skills.

His style of delivering may not be for everyone but his channel is great if all you want is a feel of the latest news. You will also get a clear idea of the pros and cons of the various cryptocurrencies ion the market. Other bloggers have accused him of pumping coins in the past but we feel that he is genuine and that he offers reliable news and information.

Crypto zombie

This is a channel with one of the quirkiest names on YouTube and it offers great cryptocurrency reviews. Here you will be able to stay informed on the latest happenings in the crypto-market sphere. The channel included trending cryptocurrency topics, general discussion, ICO presentations, and interviews. It currently has about 100,000 subscribers and more than 11 million views. You should expect this number to quickly grow and for the channel to quickly become one of the most popular channels ever.

The channel is more useful for experienced and advanced crypto enthusiasts out there. It discusses coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin among others, and also covers the news surrounding the Blockchain technology, coin reviews, and ICOs. It is famous for its up-to-date Bitcoin-feeds and analysis of the trends in the Bitcoin market.

The only downside is that the channel is quite technical and the viewers need a fairly good grasp of crypto trading and in-depth understanding of financial charts.

Guarda wallet

Its name is unique compared to the other channels and vloggers we have covered and that is because it is not an individual’s name but a wallet. It is a custodial multi-crypto wallet with an in-built exchange whose main aim is to educate people on cryptocurrencies since education is the key to powering forward. This need to educate was the main driving force behind the creation of Guorda YouTube channel. Thus channel has been equipped with guides on a wide range of topics such as how to stake ATM and how to buy Bitcoin.

Unlike most YouTube channels out there, it takes a no-nonsense approach. It gives one-minute long videos that are always accompanied by screen shares that take you through the entire process. The channel is, therefore, makes it very easy to learn all about cryptocurrencies if you find the topic confusing.

Currently, the channel focuses on buy guides and other important crypto management and other important topics like staking and wallet setups. They are quite prolific when it comes to content production, sometimes they release over 20 videos in one month.

If you are after a cryptocurrency channel that takes things straight to the point and tutorials with no filler content at all, this is a great option for you.


Whether you want to become a better trader, stay entertained, or just stay abreast of the market news YouTube is a great platform to take care of all these needs. Be aware of scams and stick to the YouTubers you feel you can trust.

The above channels are not the only cryptocurrency YouTube channels and it is highly likely that there will be even more YouTube cryptocurrency channels to choose from in the future. Hopefully, they will offer a new twist on the latest happenings in the Blockchain world just like each of the channels mentioned above.

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