TRASTRA Card – Your ideal solution for cashing out Cryptocurrencies

Crypto debit cards are certainly not a completely new phenomenon, but they’ve undoubtedly entered a new era of visibility over the past years and have put digital currency in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people.

Trastra is a reliable company in the Crypto Debit Card segment and supports the most important cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP. The Trastra debit card enables cryptocurrency users in the European Economic Area to cash out their cryptocurrencies in Euro without any fees.

TRASTRA Payment Card

TRASTRA Debit card is issued by VISA and represents an ideal solution for cashing out Cryptocurrencies to EUR without using a Bank account.

The users will not have any transactions from or to Crypto Exchanges on their bank account.

Convert BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP to EUR in a matter of minutes, and cash them out via TRASTRA debit card.

  • Visa card worldwide acceptance.
  • Multi-currency wallet with instant options to buy and sell.
  • Delivery in the EU and UK.
  • TRASTRA Card linked to a Personal IBAN account to receive EUR
  • Daily POS spend limit — €8,000.00.

TRASTRA Debit Card delivery is free and fast. All you need is to verify your identity and fill in the order details in the TRASTRA App which is available for iOS and Android. They also provide their users with a complete Personal Cryptocurrency Platform that simply links the benefits of cryptocurrency usage with traditional payments infrastructure.

TRASTRA All-in-one Mobile Wallets

Trastra wallet brings you the best features and benefits of both crypto and traditional finances.

  • Free BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP LTC wallets.
  • All TRASTRA wallets offer a personal IBAN account where you can receive Euros
  • Can be used to buy, sell or store cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange provided for TRASTRA Payment card
  • Crypto can now be used in daily life

Trastra allows users to use cryptocurrency for daily purchases and to turn all their cryptocurrencies into Euro through instant exchange and use them via debit card.

  • A secured place to Store & Hold crypto.
  • Make crypto transfers everywhere you want.
  • Receive crypto payments to your wallet from anywhere in the world.
  • Instant exchange for crypto to EUR.
  • Cash out crypto at any ATM on the Visa network, with the TRASTRA Payment card.

Besides all the benefits, they also offer 5 Layers of security through multi-sig wallets issued by the industry leader BitGo.


Trastra App is all you need to manage all your cryptocurrencies in the same place. You can exchange cryptocurrencies, transfer around the world within minutes or convert your crypto to cash with the Trastra Debit Card.

You have the power to control all your cryptocurrencies wherever you are.

  • Get wallets for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP for free
  • Your own personal IBAN account where you can receive Euros
  • Inbuilt QR code scanner for crypto sending
  • Customisable mining fee and transaction speed for BTC
  • Simple and fast wallet loading from your mobile app

You can exchange your crypto as easy as pie with TRASTRA Mobile App

  • Store your crypto, send or receive with TRASTRA wallets.
  • Exchange your crypto to Euro
  • Load your TRASTRA EURO card
  • Cash out crypto at any ATM on Visa network
  • Make POS and ePOS purchases

More about TRASTRA

TRASTRA is a London-based company that combines the benefits of digital money and the features of traditional finances in one place. Trastra was founded in 2017 by Roman Potemkin, a promising FinTech entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in banking technologies and finance.



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