Tron’s Most Important News of 2018 – Could Tron Price increase in 2019? TRX Price Prediction

Tron is among cryptocurrencies that are performing well in the market at the moment. The developers TRX coin focussed on setting up a free cross border entertainment platform for sending, storing, sharing and retaining information.

In 2018, the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant drop, but projects like TRX made some major progress. The Tron Foundation established key partnerships and deployed major asset and infrastructure that is expected to have a positive impact on the TRX coin prices. There are questions on why the current valuation of TRX is poor despite the achievements of 2018. However, enthusiasts are expecting some good TRX news in 2019. Here are some of the accomplishment by Tron in 2018.

The Tron Virtual Machine (TVM)

The Tron Virtual Machine launch was a significant achievement for Tron because it plays a significant role in the foundation’s growth. TVM offers the Tron platform with unique features and functions necessary to steer growth.

The Tron Virtual Machine enables developers to set up dApps on the system. As a result, this was the best Tron news since it increased the value and demand of TRX coin. The deployment of smart contracts on the Tron system is a result of TVM. This development has positioned Tron as a major Ethereum competitor.

The Tron Wallet

One of the best Tron news of 2018 was the launch of the native peer to peer Tron Wallet. This storage facility helps investors and traders to secure their wallets on the Tron network. The wallet is available on the desktop, a mobile application for both iOS and Android. With Tron wallet, it meant that the network was moving away from the Ethereum system and its reliance on ERC20 tokens for payments.

Tron Listed on Changelly

Within the cryptocurrency circles, it’s no secret that getting enrolled on Changelly exchange platform is a big deal. Trx managed to start trading on the platform. This is a clear indicator that Tron is growing in popularity and trust.

On the exchange, we have the TRX/USD pairs. Previously, buying TRX using fiat was not a possibility. One had to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum then trade it for Tron. Tron’s addition on Changelly is a good confidence boost for investors.

Tron Acquires BitTorrent

The Tron foundation acquired BitTorrent as a means of strengthening and growing its P2P system. The acquisition BitTorrent means that Tron was leading as a decentralized peer to peer entertainment sharing platform. BitTorrent already enjoys about 100 million users, and they will play a key role in Tron’s popularity. It’s just a matter of time before Tron takes the mantle for peer to peer media and entertainment sharing service.

Bitbox Listing

Apart from Changelly, theTron coin also joined the BitBox exchange platform. The addition sparked an increase in the value of the TRX coin. The token gained by almost 13% with the listing. The popularity of Tron has also increased following the listing on BitBox.

The Tron Mainnet Launch

Tron was initially built on the Ethereum network, and it made a shift in June 2018. During the change, the Justin Sun led foundation also launched its mainnet on the same day. The mainnet is called Odyssey 2.0.

Immediately it was launched, experts pointed out that it is a partial solution to challenges facing ethereum. Additionally, the mainnet created a platform for Tron to create its own dApps. Furthermore, the mainnet meant that Tron was no longer a work in progress but a full project.

Atomic Wallet Addition

In 2018, the Tron coin was added to the Atomic Wallet to aid compatibility with various operating systems. With the addition, TRX lovers could access Tron from Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mac and Windows operating systems. This was one TRX news many fans were waiting for.

Naturally, this addition had a direct impact on Tron popularity in the market and increased its client base. A compatible wallet means that managing the TRX coin is more comfortable and unique.

Launch of TronLink

Another milestone for Tron in 2018 was the launch of the TronLink. It is a convenient means of allowing users to easily have access to the Tron blockchain through Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is a significant move to increase Tron’s popularity considering that the two browsers enjoy a massive number of users.

The launch of Poppy Payment

Justin Sun’s organization also unveiled the Poppy, a decentralized payment application. The platform makes it easy for users to pay in TRX coins in different stores across the globe. Tron integrated Clover which is used in Visa and Mastercard credit cards to facilitate payments. It was a significant move towards growing Tron’s popularity.

Project Atlas Launch

The Tron project launched the Project Atlas. The project bridges the gap between blockchain and peer to peer systems. It helps in content management and sharing by linking users directly. It removes the need of exploitative intermediaries. The end is to have cheaper and faster content sharing.

Tron 2019 Price Prediction

As seen above, Tron had a good year. The number of projects and strategic investments made by the foundation shows that the crypto is on the right path with potential to grow. Generally, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market usually makes it hard to arrive at the price of any digital currency. However, some initiatives that boost investor confidence can give a glimpse of what to expect in the future. In 2018, Tron was focusing on strengthening its system, something that will increase its market position.

According to experts, Tron coin has the potential of hitting the $12 mark by the end of 2019. We don’t really believe that, $12 is a massive growth for 2019 and as Tron’s TRX still depends on the BTC price – We think that a $0.05 mark would be a correct TRX price prediction. Though, we’ve not experts nor investors, that’s just our opinion based on the news, the current state of the market and the growth that TRX seen in 2019.

Over the recent past, Justin Sun has been close to Jack Ma. The relationship opens up a possibility of emergence or convergence any time. This might lead to Tron’s growth. Tron is future-oriented with a good technology behind it and investing in it is worth it.

However, based on history, the price of Bitcoin has a big say when it comes to determining the value of other significant cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin rises again, chances of Tron performing better are high.

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