Tron (TRX) Riding the BitTorrent Wave

Tron’s massive takeover of world famous torrent website BitTorrent last year is finally shaping up. According to BitTorrent Inc’s official Twitter handle BitTorrent will launch the BTT token to help incentivize activities to develop a more efficient file sharing system.

The crowdfunding of the BTT token will take place on Binance’s launchpad which helps users to be part of potential game-changing projects.

The whitepaper reveals that there are 990 billion BTT tokens, which will be TRC-10 based. TRC-10 is a technical token standard supported by Tron Blockchain natively without the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM).

The token so far has been reported to be able to work with the traditional uTorrent Classic client as it has the most users. It will also enable users who don’t want to spend BTT to share files still.

Justin Sun has said that the main reason for a BTT token was that TRX token’s are not enough to be distributed among the massive user base of BitTorrent. Sun is confident about Tron surpassing a user base of billions and clarifying that the current amount is only 1%.  

BitTorrent Inc started off as a consumer software company based in San Francisco. It became the largest decentralized P2P network in the world. Tron disclosed the acquisition of BitTorrent in July 2018.

Zerocrypted Opinion

Binance, BitTorrent and Tron are all three bound to help each other grow, given the sheer users that interact in each platform’s service provided.

BitTorrent has a massive 100 million users monthly active users across 138 countries. It will help enhance the adoption of cryptocurrency and thus help Tron lead the charge towards the number 4th spot in cryptocurrency rankings.

Tron has been galloping away showing bullish signs thanks to BitTorrent’s BTT token. At the time of writing it has risen to rank 9, with a market capitalization of $1,548,430,437 showing signs of growth valued at $0.023235.

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