TRON (TRX) Surges in Response to Upgrade of TRON Virtual Machine

Tron News – Tron VM & Odyssey 3.1 

TRON which is noted to be one of the most extravagant cryptocurrency projects this year, 2018 has not seen improvements in their prices as a result of exciting acquisitions and even launching their main net. However, a tweet by its owner  Justin Sun on October 8th about TRON’s Virtual Machine being upgraded to Odyssey 3.1 led to TRON’s native currency TRX surging in price. This TRON news increased the price with more than 10% on October 8th, making many TRX investors happy.

The Tweet was as follows:

TRON’s Virtual Machine (TVM) launched on 30 August 2018.  It enabled TRON to succeed in a large number of transactions along with the capability of allowing developers to work with many programming languages such as C, C# and even Ethereum’s Solidity. Thus many developers are opting for TRON instead of Ethereum. This is due to Ethereum’s slow transaction speed and the limit of programming languages Ethereum allows.

At the time of writing TRON is $0.026700 with a market capitalisation of $1,755,445,170.

The favourable spike in TRX led to Justin Sun tweeting a screenshot of cryptocurrencies changes in price in the last 24 hours with Tron leading the top cryptocurrency table with more than 10% in positive change.

Zerocrypted Opinion

Given that TRON is currently sitting at 11th, it looks like it will be in the top 10 soon. It will be thanks to the likes of Odyssey 3.1 which helps TRON become much faster than not only Ethereum but also EOS. Even though the past tron news didn’t affect the market so much, people are starting to give TRX more attention.

Justin Sun has repeatedly let the cryptocurrency world and developers know about TRON’s speed as compared to Ethereum. In a past reply to a tweet, he claimed TRON was 100x faster than Ethereum and even compatible with Ethereum.

It was noticed after the main net launch, TRON was able to achieve 2000 Transactions Per Second (TPS) as compared to Ethereum’s 25 TPS.

TRON has made substantial acquisitions from BitTorrent to lead their vision of a decentralised web. Along with the acquisition of for a larger and stronger community.

It has already surpassed EOS regarding accounts. At the time of writing, TRON has 466,043 accounts as compared to EOS’s 359,023 accounts.

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