Want to play using Crypto? Look no further than Slots.lv

Thanks to the emergence of crypto, a revolution is occurring in the online casino space. Leading operators are quickly embracing digital currencies like Bitcoin as preferential payment methods. At the same time, players are becoming increasingly comfortable with this new technology. These two forces—technological innovation and consumer adoption—have paved the way for a payment revolution that will most likely stick, and operators like Slots.lv are there to ride the wave.

Slots.lv — Underlining the benefits of crypto at the casino

Slots.lv is a popular online casino that caters to over a million players in the American market. The casino is part of a larger network of sites in the US and internationally. The site and parent group have a reputation for reliable payouts, responsive customer service, and larger bonuses. Slots.lv provides an easy-and-fun experience to fans of slots and table games, with over 300 titles to choose from and new games released weekly.

At Slots.lv, you can get up to $7,500 when you make your first deposit using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. This is 50% above their regular welcome bonus for new players, which tops out at $5,000.

Beyond this there are other promotions, including daily bonuses that are 50% larger for crypto, giving players recurring ways to maximize the bang for their ‘buck.’ Referral bonuses are also larger for friends that sign up and deposit in crypto. Basically, all promotional offering are supersized for crypto users.

This exemplifies the difference using crypto can make when it comes to player balances. At the same time, cryptocurrencies typically incur lower fees on payouts and deposits when compared to credit card and other conventional payment options.

Crypto — Easier to play with than one might think

One of the concerns players might have about using crypto at online casinos is a lack of familiarity. How can you hope to bet in satoshis or ether and understand what that actually means in USD? Players are accustomed to wagering in dollars and cents after all. On Slots.lv, any crypto deposit is automatically converted to USD for play at current market rates. This conversion incurs no surcharges or fees. When a player would like to withdraw funds, they can then convert any amount into Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin for instant withdrawal at the live market rate. Or if they would prefer they can withdraw in USD.

What this provides is not only familiarity for online casino players used to dollars and cents, but also an opportunity to withdraw into a digital currency based on whether the exchange rate happens to be favorable at that moment. With such options comes opportunities, ones that investors with diversified holdings know and use consistently.

Conclusion — The crypto win-win

The automated nature of crypto transactions cuts costs for operators like Slots.lv. Instead of having to process thousands of payments per day manually, everything is handled automatically by the blockchain. Therefore, it makes business sense that operators incentivize their players to use crypto, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

While gambling will always be based on games of chance, the player experience on online casinos is being improved by cryptocurrency. Right now players can generally get more funds to play from when using crypto, giving them a leg up out the gate. And then with their winnings, they can enjoy greater withdraw options, with funds sent instantly instead of via cheque or other means that incur fees.


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