Weiss Rating Eats Their Words About Tron

Tron has picked up the pace in an outstanding manner, with the breakthrough coming in the mid of 2018 through it’s mainnet. It’s already been acknowledged in a tweet by Weiss Ratings, the worldwide independent rating agency as a popular project.

The rating agency emphasized on the TRX/USD trading pair looking the most bullish amongst its cryptocurrency competitors.

However, Weiss Ratings has also taken stands against moves by Tron such as the hiring of a former SEC official and the plagiarism of Ethereum’s whitepaper. The tweet on the 22nd January pointed out that Tron throws money to solve problems.

Zerocrypted Opinion

Tron’s impact is outstanding given the acquisition of BitTorrent, and the soon to launch BitTorrent token (BTT). It has already proven that it’s aggressive in its strategy and implementations, along with a leader Justin Sun who is unafraid to voice the greatness of his project.

It’s not surprising that technological giant Oracle has partnered up with Tron, given the way Tron has been promoting decentralization and Oracle’s vision of technological advancements.

The platform of Tron already has 150 dApps and 300 smart contracts thanks to Tron Accelerator program which led to several developers opting for Tron’s ecosystem.

At the time of writing Tron’s native token, TRX is well ranked at 9th, in the green valued at $0.028225 and a market capitalization of $1,881,469,098.

One Twitter user was against Weiss Rating’s prediction bringing forth ICON’s (ICX) price.

As seen in the tweet above, charts are not to be trusted, as ICON’s price too looked outstanding according to charts but has fallen by 98% to its all-time high.

If only we could fast forward time, looks like we will all have to wait for a while to see Tron’s real impact and whether it will walk the talk!

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