When Lambo? This app answers the most asked question in Crypto Land

What is CryptoMillionaire App?

The CryptoMillionaire app is a Crypto Portfolio type of app that helps you manage the cryptocurrencies you invested in. The app helps you balance your portfolio and also creates a goal for you – to have the millionth of supply of the cryptocurrencies by market cap. Of course, you may not invest that big and that’s understandable. The app have many other features that makes it unique & easy-to-use. For example, the app will let you know when you over-invested in a cryptocurrency as well as under-invested in one.

CryptoMillionaire’s Main Features

  • Balance and Diversify your Crypto Portfolio – The app lets you input the cryptocurrencies that you invested in as well as showing you a diversification score.
  • PIN Protection and Portfolio Backup – With CryptoMillionaire, you can set up your PIN so you and you only would use the app and make sure other people dont have access to it, as well as backup the portfolio to import it from another device.
  • Diversification Score Feature: Even if this year almost all the cryptocurrencies declined, some of them went down with over 90% while others with less than 50%. With a diversification of your cryptocurrencies, you can reduce the actual value lost. And CryptoMillionaire is perfect for this. It shows you if you Over-invested in a certain cryptocurrency and what is your diversification score.
  • When Lambo Feature – This is the only app that will approximate the date when your portfolio will reach the value of a brand new Lamborghini. This is not 100% accurate and its based on previous events and growths – its not something that would 100% predicts, but its a funny and useful feature to note somewhere and check it back at that date and see if it came true.
  • Find Promising Coins – This option allows you to find interesting coins that you could own over the long term based on a variety of filters – such as : Millionth of Supply,Price and Total Supply.
  • Coin Details at a Glance – You can check a lot of information about a certain cryptocurrency only by clicking on it. You can also check how much you need to own in order to be a part of the ‘Millionth of the supply’. For Bitcoin for example, you need to hold at least 17 BTC to be a part of the 0.1%.You can also see the past evolution and the percent change over the past hours, days, weeks, months or all time.
  • Latest News on Every Coin – Its easy. Just click on your favorite cryptocurrency and press the ‘News’ button. This way, you could find the most interesting news in real time.
  • Over 3000 coins available – There are over 3000 coins available on CryptoMillionaire, ranked by the Millionth of Supply prices. That basically shows you how much of that cryptocurrency you need to invest in to be a part of the 0.1%.


With the current features and many others to come, CryptoMillionaire is one of the most useful Android Cryptocurrency Apps that gives you a unique idea of how to build the perfect portfolio and who know – maybe become a Crypto Millionaire.



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