Why You Shouldn’t Miss Ethereum’s Biggest Hackathon – ETHSanFrancisco

If you’re a developer and a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you probably know all about ETHGlobal. If you don’t know yet, don’t worry – we’re help to help you.

Between 5 and 7th October in San Francisco, there will be probably the biggest Ethereum Hackaton. In the years that passed, ETHGlobal hosted a large number of hackatons. These gained a lot of attention in the past, connecting entrepreneurs with developers and working together for the new WEB3 world. Over the last events, we can mention the ones that have taken place in Buenos Aires, Argentine; Denver, Colorado, Bangalore, India; Waterloo,Canda and Berlin, Germany.

The ETH San Francisco will take place between 5 and 7th October to the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco. This is expected to be the world’s biggest Ethereum hackaton as  more than 1,000 developers will take part – coming from all around the world. In the three-day period, the attendees will work to create new dApps, open finance protocols, developer tools and other technologies built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why you should be a part of it 

If you’re an entrepreneur or a developer, you probably know already why. There are a lot of people that are attending and are well-known in the cryptocurrency industry. People that made a change, people that transformed the ‘opportunity’ into their next product or service that would make the world a better place. In the judges & speakers section, we can notice Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, as well as Vlad Zamfir, a well-known researcher for the Ethereum Foundation. Vlad Zamfir is the developer that created the first successful proof-of-concept Sharding solution for Ethereum. Other notable names are Fred Ehrsam, VC for Paradigm and a part of the board of directors from Coinbase, and Linda Xie – CFO for ScalarCapital and Ex-Product Manager for Coinbase. If you have an idea on top of Ethereum, and you want to make it known or you just want an opinion from the experts, this is the event that you were searching for. Besides the well-known crypto personalities that we mentioned, there are a lot of other people from where you could learn something new.Did we also mentioned that the admission is free? You get to meet all these awesome people at absolutely no cost.

The History of ETHGlobal Success Stories

ETHGlobal hackatons have a great reputation among Ethereum developers. Cryptokitties, the first Ethereum viral game, was launched in Waterloo, Southern Ontario, Canada. It was the first dApps to break into the mainstream audience and for a while – it ‘broke’ the ethereum blockchain. At the Buenos Aires hackaton, there was the launch of Crypto Against Humanity, the blockchain version of Cards Against Humanity. And last month at Berlin, the Görli testnet was developed. The Görli testnet is the first proof-of-authority testnet that can work across any client implementation.


The following ETHGlobal hackaton is the place where the great minds of Ethereum, and not only, will meet in order to create decentralized applications that could serve as an alternative for the centralized ones that we have right now. It’s a place where the masterminds put their head to work in order to create something special, something that could create a new decentralized future focused on Ethereum blockchain.

If you’re passionate about Ethereum, you’re a developer or you’re an entrepereneur/ VC looking for the next big thing – this is probably the place you need to be between 5 and 7th October 2018.

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