Will GP Bullhound Be Right About Their Crypto Predictions Again?

GP Bullhound has released the annual report on technological trends for 2019.  One of the trends is focused on Cryptocurrency being positive due to institutionalization capital flowing in the space.

GP Bullhound is a leading investment banking firm providing advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and private placements in the technology sectors. These are all secondary to Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as GP Bullhound is better known to have correctly predicted the downturn of Cryptocurrency prices in 2018.

Among their predictions, there’s one that caught our eye: Institutional money flows into crypto

“Bitcoin may have had its ups and downs, including an implosion in 2018 after reaching an overall market cap of over $800bn. But as the traditional financial institutions increase blockchain activity, 2019 is set to be the year that institutional capital finally flows into cryptocurrency.”

We’ve heard this this year a lot and many people waited for the institutional investors to come. But 2019 is the year when Bakkt will be live and a possible Bitcoin ETF will be accepted. More money will go into crypto – though that won’t guarantee any price increase or a reduced volatility.

Zerocrypted Opinion

The document by GP Bullhound titled ‘Token Frenzy’ released in 2018 shared some interesting insights.

For example, ICO’s will mature rapidly with a specification on transparency and credibility on founders being an essential need for ICO’s. The year 2018 did prove to be a change in the ICO sector with the team being a critical factor before investors throw in their hard earned money for the project.

GP Bullhound even predicted a mass market wipe out in 2018. GP Bullhound predicted a drop in Bitcoin and nearly every virtual cryptocurrency due to incorrect pricing. As the current market shows, prices have not shown much improvement throughout the year and started declining more from the mid of November 2018.

One point stood from the 2018 document of GP Bullhound, which was ‘2018 will see a number of important hard forks.’ As seen the November 15th hard fork of Bitcoin Cash was proven to be one of the most vital hard forks leading to the current bear markets. The hash war that occurred wiped out millions from the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Overall GP Bullhound analysts seem to provide confidence that the corrections are an essential tool for long-term sustainability of the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With Crypto winter phasing well during the Winter season of December, every Cryptocurrency enthusiast is looking forward to a warmer and happier Crypto summer in 2019.

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