Wyoming, The Home of Cardano

The United States of America may be divided in their opinion on cryptocurrency. However, one state which has promoted its positive stance towards cryptocurrency is Wyoming.

The 33rd Governor of Wyoming Mark Gordon highlighted several blockchain startups in his inauguration speech. These startups included BeefChain, SheepChain and the more popular Cardano.

Unlike most of the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano preferred a place nearer to his home town of Colorado instead of the more popular destinations such as Malta. Hence choosing Wyoming as the headquarters of the cryptocurrency company.

Beyond just the governor’s positive attitude, is bills being discussed and implemented to support the technological revolution for Wyoming.  

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Wyoming’s low startup costs, business-friendly tax system, and lawmakers supporting the growth of fintech has led it to become blockchain heaven in USA.

The state has even gone to the extent of groups such as the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition. Wyoming Blockchain Coalition is helping Wyoming citizens to educate themselves about Blockchain to cut costs, streamline administrative processes and spur new businesses in Wyoming.

There have been several social media posts applauding Wyoming’s efforts to bring in a blockchain culture.  For example, The former president of Symbiont.io, who is also a 22 year old Wall Street veteran, tweeted about Wyoming’s new bill supporting blockchain. The bill allows banks to keep records on a blockchain. The overwhelming 5 to 0 support showcases the progressive thinking of the lawmakers in the state.


America should be opening its doors to blockchain and crypto given it’s revolutionary technology. Switzerland for example has five times more crypto startups per 100,000 people as compared to the United States. These are opportunities being lost by the US given that the USA has forty times the population of Switzerland.

Image Source – The Christian Science Monitor

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