XRP Adoption Increasing – The Launch of XRP United & The Partnership Between Changelly and SimplexCC

XRP has been making headlines. However, one thing that has concerned them is the privilege of being available in exchanges as a base currency. One good news is Changelly which is a popular and trusted exchange allowed XRP to be bought using the debit and credit card options.

Changelly is known for being a crypto to crypto exchange, but the fiat to XRP is an addition to the fiat to crypto facility of the exchange. An investor can easily buy XRP using a Visa or Mastercard Debit and Credit Card. The exchange will be carried out by SimplexCC.

SimplexCC is an EU licensed financial institution that allows merchants and crypto businesses to conduct businesses in a more secure manner when processing payments. It guarantees fraud protection from the growing cyber thieves and hacks.

SimplexCC is an EU licensed financial institution working towards creating a global, fraud-less payment processing platform. In an environment that is alert because of countless hacks and crypto siphons, SimplexCC technology allow merchants and other crypto businesses to securely conduct their activities with guaranteed fraud protection.


Changelly has more than 3.5 million users thanks to endorsements by crypto influencers like Charlie Shrem and their security feature of a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

That’s not all, a full XRP based exchange called XRP United went live on 23rd October 2018. XRP is tradable with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and soon Monero (XRM) on XRP United.

XRP United’s main aim is to increase the use of XRP as a global standard challenging the likes of Bitcoin.

Zerocrypted Opinion

XRP has been in the news for their efficient cross-border payment system, however as a digital asset it’s notable speed has still not been noticed. It’s still trying to get the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance to add XRP as a base currency, which has time and again been rejected.

With XRP United, XRP has a chance to showcase its benefits as a base currency. Some of the reasons include the faster transaction speed, cheaper transaction costs and  XRP’s large community taking part in the exchanges which list them. Many exchanges have not realized XRP’s real potential and rise in popularity.

XRP wants to be listed as a base currency so that it can attract big money and increase its market capitalization especially on a platform like Binance. Thus being able to bought on Changelly using debit and credit cards with the addition of XRP’s very own exchange Binance along with other exchanges may consider adding XRP as a base currency given its advantages.


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