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Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

1.1 Yourself and only you are responsible for any investment decisions you make. We do not provide financial investment tips as we are here to educate and inform the people.
1.2 We are not responsible for any action of yours that might have brought you loses, such as using a specific exchange.
1.3 The loses that you will have are not the responsibility of Zerocrypted or its writers. The decision to invest its yours and you’re solely responsible for it.
1.4 We shall not cover any loss you have by investing in cryptocurrency
1.5 We shall not cover any losses that you have.
1.6 Zerocrypted.com may post articles provided by a 3rd party – either paid or non-paid ones.
1.7 Zerocrypted.com can advertise any product, website, magazine, business or other financial entity on its website.
1.8 The investment decision should come after speaking with a financial consultant and after you’ve done your own research properly. We cannot be blamed for any misinformation provided by our writers or partners.

2. Images and Content

2.1 The images and text are used from the world wide web. We always make sure that those are 100% legal and copyright free, or we have paid the copyright fees. In case your picture or text is used by us, without purchasing it, send us an email on info.zerocrypted (at) gmail.com and we shall discuss it forward.
2.2 Articles written on Zerocrypted represent the opinion of our own writers, and not ours. Zerocrypted as a website provides guidelines to the authors that we later check on it. We are not responsible for any opinion that someone had or any language used. In case you found any of the articles hurtful, please send us an email on info.zerocrypted (at) gmail.com and we shall discuss it forward.

3. User Activity

3.1 Comments on articles should contain information related to the post content. Other general comments will be considered spam and therefore, will be removed.
3.2 Spamming, bad language, non-informative comments/posts will be removed without notice.
3.3 Multiple breaches or repeating a prohibited action many times will consist in an IP ban from Zerocrypted.

4. Advertising on Zerocrypted.com

4.1 Zerocrypted does not take any responsibility for advertising on Zerocrypted by third parties. It’s solely up to each user/reader to do a due diligence before purchasing or using a service/product.
4.2 Zerocrypted will not cover any loss caused by third party advertisers. We cannot be responsible for any ads that our advertisers might consider relevant for you.

5. Use of Cookies

By using Zerocrypted.com you agree that your cookies will be used by our partners to serve related ads. We are not storing nor selling the cookies, only using a 3rd party partners to deliver relevant ads.

6. Legal Disputes

We are not a fan of legal disputes, but if there’s the case – shout out an email to us at info.zerocrypted (at) gmail.com to find a common ground and put a stop to the conflict.