Daily Cryptocurrency News – 20th November 2018

Here are the most improtant cryptocurrency headlines of 20th November 2018:

IOTA Foundation & High Mobility – Working Together To Power New Mobility Apps 

The market is going crazy, but IOTA doesn’t seem to care. The IOTA Foundation recently made their open-source distributed ledger technology available to HIGH MOBILITY. And along with their connected car API – they want to allow developers to create new types of mobility apps based on IOTA’s ledger, and simplify the process.

Trough a IOTA workspace, developers would now be able to build and test apps using HIGH MOBILITY’s standardized API.

The HIGH MOBILITY CTO Kevin Valdek stated:

“With IOTA’s ledger and the team’s vision for future mobility, we will see it being applied by many new services. The type of applications that can be enabled with IOTA’s technology and vehicle data are many.In the first blueprint we see not only how vehicle data can be put onto a ledger, but also how it can be combined with charging infrastructure and payments.”

Alisa Maas, Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation also declared:

“I am convinced that bridging the gap between corporates and developers and implementing easy to use and scalable tools will solve major pain points in adoption.”

More details about this can be found on HIGH MOBILITY’s Medium 

Bitcoin Price Reached $4,200 Level & Hash Rate Declines Too

Bitcoin’s price seems to touch lower and lower level. After the past decline to $5,000 – the king of cryptocurrencies dipped even more. This news could be the result of Bakkt being postponed as well as the people’s fear of losing almost everything. A lot of traders switched their crypto portfolio into a stablecoin as the king of cryptocurrencies continue their decline – right before the ETF launch. Some people think that price is influenced by institutional traders, which are trying to drop the price as much as they can for their own benefit. While there aren’t any proofs that this its true, we hope that people will understand that drops like this are normal, and that even gold had hard times.

Another thing we need to notice though, is the decline of Bitcoin hash rate too. Mati Greenspan, an eToro senior market analyst claims that the Bitcoin hash rate is the lowest since August this year. The average cost of mining one Bitcoin has been estimated to be between $6,000 and $7,000 – depending on the cost of power. With a current price of Bitcoin – its clearly that a lot of miners are operating at a loss.

This can be maintained for a while, but not so much. Therefore, the drop in value is not beneficial for the network itself either. There’s no reason to panic though, there are people which maintained their businesses even in tougher times – but small miners have suffered a serious hit.

Or not. A few users claims that BCH ABC and BCH SV purchased a lot of computational power in the last few days. Therefore, some Bitcoin miners might have switched to these options to get some easy money on a tough market. But when the offer will end, they will surely mine Bitcoin again.

Bitcoin Cash Ticker on CoinMarketCap Was Won By Bitcoin Cash ABC 

It appears the war for Bitcoin Cash supremacy is coming to an end. Bitcoin Cash officially won the BCH ticker on Coinmarketcap. If you search for ‘BCH’ in the Coinmarketcap search box – you will notice that there are two options available – Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV). While the winner lost 50% of its value in the last 7 days – the Bitcoin Cash SV is now worth only $48.55 – coming down from a top value of $243.79.

 In order to reflect the current market, we have merged our Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) listings. We have observed that a majority of exchanges are using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to refer to the Bitcoin Cash ABC implementation. For more information on Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV), please navigate here.

While CoinMarketCap seems to chose its winner – Binance have a different opinion. Binance currently have two tickers : BCHABC and BCHSV – one valued at $218.87 and the other one at $57.50. Similar exchanges that adopted the same strategy are Poloniex, HitBTC and OKEx.

Coinbase also awarded the BCH ticker to Bitcoin Cash ABC.

BitPanda Adds NEO To Their Platform & NEO-CLI v2.9.2 

In a recent blog post on Linkedin, BitPanda announced that NEO can now be traded on the famous European Exchange. These are great news for NEO – even in this tough market. NEO is currently sitting at $9.01 on Binance Exchange and its having the lowest value since August 2017.

The good part is, NEO Global Development launched the v2.9.2 version, which can be downloaded from here. The changelog for the release is as follows:


  • Add new plugin type: IPersistencePlugin.
  • Allow listing loaded plugins and showing help messages for plugins.


  • Allow opening wallet for RPC server after startup.
  • Allow creating iterator from array in API: Neo.Iterator.Create.
  • Improve the performance of p2p network.


  • Fixed an issue where getting NEP-5 balance failed if the wallet contained a large number of addresses.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the NeoVM execution state to be inconsistent.
  • Fixed “too many open files” error.
  • Fixed an issue in MerkleTree.


  • Remove Neo.Witness.GetInvocationScript.(smart contract)

More details on NNT or GitHub.

Other Important News

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