Guarda Wallet Review- The Safest Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

As a cryptocurrency investor, you were probably annoyed by the fact that you needed to have a certain wallet for different cryptocurrencies that you invested in. That’s actually an issue of the past, as now there’s Guarda Wallet – a multi cryptocurrency wallet that accepts over 90% of the existing tokens. In our Guarda Wallet review, we’ll analyse what makes it special. Just by starting with Guarda Wallet, you’ll notice that its one of the best crypto wallets out there. Probably not as safe as hardware wallet, as it depends on your device as well, but its a great one. Visit Guarda to know more about their supported cryptocurrencies and how you can store your digital assets in a safe environment.

Guarda wallet – small introduction

Guarda wallet story starts in 2017 when the team launched their first Ethereum wallet for Android. The company behind it is registered in Estonia and they’re authorised by the Estonian FInancial Intelligence Unit for a virtual currency against a fiat currency exchange service. Since 2017 and 2019, the team worked hard on Guarda to create it the best multi cryptocurrency wallet. T

heir main focus was security & UI/UX – so that even the most beginner user could understand how to use it. So far, it was a success. You can send receive or store your crypto on Guarda wallet just like on cold wallets, but you have totake care of your 12 words phrase.

How to use Guarda Wallet

There are a lot of features that makes Guarda wallet stand out from the crowd, but we’ll start with the most important ones that matters. First of all, the team know the importance of accessing your funds from anywhere at anytime. That’s why Guarda have a web wallet, mobile wallet, desktop wallet & a chrome extension.We’ve tested Guarda desktop wallet for start. It took less than 2 minutes to get the wallet installed & create wallets for the most important cryptocurrencies. The process was easy and as a user you’re only required to set up a password for the wallet and save the backup in a safe place ( preferably an external hdd).As you might see, the interface is really clean and user friendly and using it is extremely easy. You might see only 20-30 wallets there, but you can deposit a lot more cryptocurrencies on it. For example – Any ERC20 tokens can be deposited on the Ethereum address as you already have access to the private keys and you can keep them here or send it to an exchange whenever its necessary.

If you want to, you can even create a new Ethereum wallet where you can store those cryptocurrencies – separately from your main Ethereum wallet. This is ideal if you’re participating in airdrops or trading cryptocurrencies on a DEX. For this, simply go to the end of the list and click “Add Wallet”You can easily separate your wallets with this option. One you could use for hodling and another one for trading – it all depends on your. Of course, with Guarda wallet you can also import certain cryptocurrencies here based on the private keys.Guarda desktop wallet has a light, super fast UI and the software itself was created for people that want a secure, user-friendly wallet to keep all your cryptocurrencies. If you’re a programmer, you would probably be amazed to know that Guarda is open source and you can easily personalize it as you wish.

Moreover, the wallet also gives you the opportunity to exchange certain cryptocurrencies between them with an in-built token exchange system. So you can easily swap your BTC to USDT or the other way around.Guarda wallet is a non-custodial one, meaning that the team doesn’t have access to your private keys – they just provide a software designed to help you have all your portfolio more organized.

Their backup is done using an AES encryption so you can easily backup more than 100+ wallets at once, if its necessary. Guarda Mobile wallet have an even more clean & fast interface. The installation and creating the wallets took less than 2 minutes. Guarda mobile wallet is perfect for someone that wants to have some cryptocurrency with him in case they find a great place that accepts cryptocurrency or they just want to be able to swap their funds into USDT at any time.

Guarda wallet Features – What makes Guarda Wallet so awesome? 

Even though we’ve already mentioned a lot of awesome features about Guarda Wallet, there are more. In this review about Guarda wallet, we’re going to do a list of the most awesome stuff that we know about Guarda:

  • They support over 40 blockchain and more than 10,000 tokens – Guarda wallet supports multiple blockchains, meaning that they accept cryptocurrencies that have their own blockchain – such as Monero, IOTA,etc but also cryptocurrencies created on top of another blockchain – such as ERC20 tokens, BEP2,NEP-5 and so on. In fact, Guarda wallet have a large number of wallets such as a : IOTA wallet, Ripple wallet, Binance coin wallet, DASH wallet, Cardano ADA wallet, Stellar Lumens wallet, litecoin wallet and way more other crypto wallets.
  • Guarda wallelt have a mobile version for Android & iOS, One for Windows, one for MAC OS, One for Linux, a web wallet and even a chrome extension. Basically, you have a variety of options to pick from when you want to create a Guarda wallet.
  • Guarda wallet also have a backup section – The backup is saved in a TXT format and encrypted using AES. To restore the backup, you need to backup txt file and the password that you had used the last time with the wallet. Note: whenever you create a new wallet, you need to update the backup. The wallet itself will warn you of this, however.
  • You have the ability to import the private keys of certain cryptocurrencies – you still haven’t claimed a few cryptocurrencies that you earned from forks/ airdrops? Use Guarda Wallet and easily get those.
  • Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. Guarda team will never store or have access to your private keys. Its basically almost the same thing as a paper wallet, but with an clean, user-friendly interface added to it. Your private keys are generated on your device and encrypted using AES.
  • Guarda wallet can be integrated with Ledger – Guarda wallet have a feature where you can connect your wallet with a Ledger and manage your funds easier.
  • You can buy crypto with Guarda Wallet – If you don’t have crypto yet, you can easily start buying it with Guarda wallet. They have a partnership with Simplex that allows you to purchase cryptocurrency using your credit card. If you wish to purchase crypto using a bank transfer, that’s also a possibility.
  • They have a great support team – Behind every great product, there must be a great support team. Guarda wallet knows that and that’s why their support is amon the best in the industry
  • Recognized in the industry – Ethereum classic have referred Guarda wallet as their official wallet, Binance marked them as “supporting from the beginning”, grant offered from Zcash for developing SPV wallet and library development and many others.
  • Built-in Exchange – You can easily swap a cryptocurrency for another using Guarda. There might be some pairs that are not supported yet, but most known ones are already accepted.

Frequently asked questions about Guarda wallet 

1) Is Guarda crypto wallet safe? 

Yes, the Guarda Wallet safe environment will keep your digital assets secure either on the web desktop or mobile. Its like having multiple Ledger wallets, but without the need of a Ledger device. However, be careful we cannot compare Guarda with any of the cold wallets out there. On Guarda wallet, you receive a passphrase that you need to store and secure properly. So the security is on your hands as Guarda is a Non-custodial wallet. The ledger hardware wallets are also non-custodial environments – so basically, both of the wallets require a connection to the internet, both are safe but a hardware wallet is more safer than a non-custodial one. However, the non-custodial one is the second best option out there.

2) What are the supported coins by Guarda wallet? 

Guarda wallet supports a lot of cryptocurrencies. There are multiple crypto wallets accepted and the number is almost the same as a hardware wallet. The following well known cryptocurrencies have wallets supported by Guarda:

– Stellar XLM wallet

– Cardano ADA wallet

– Litecoin LTC wallet

– Dash wallet

– Binance coin wallet

– Bitcoin wallets

– Tether USDT wallet

– Cosmos ATOM wallet

– EOS EOS wallet

– Ethereum ETH wallet

– Monero XMR wallet

– NEO NEO wallet

– Tezos XTZ wallet

– Bitcoin Cash BCH wallet

– Bitcoin BTC wallet

And there are many, many more cryptocurrencies supported.

Its better if you’d need to visit Guarda to find more details about this. There are multiple wallets versions and there’s also a Guarda web wallet – which we personally don’t recommend – but it might be useful in certain cases.

3) What wallet type is Guarda? 

Guarda itself has multiple type of wallets such as:

  • A web wallet
  • A desktop wallet
  • A mobile wallet
  • A Chrome extenstion
  • A Shielded wallet for Zcash ZEC

4) Can I buy ethereum with Guarda? Can I buy Bitcoin with Guarda? 

Guarda wallet made a partnership with Simplex trough which their users can buy ethereum, buy bitcoin, buy ripple , buy litecoin and a few other cryptocurrencies for a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $20,000. The cryptocurrencies will be deposited into your Guarda wallet in a maximum of 30 minutes.

5) Is Guarda wallet as safe as a Ledger Nano? 

Almost  if you store your backup files secure. In this case, it would be the best not to use access to the internet when your backup is displayed and store this on a piece of paper or something similar that no one else have access to.

6) Does Guarda wallet have a Bitcoin exchange? 

No, but they have an instant exchange where you can convert certain cryptocurrencies. Given the fact that Guarda is a non custodial wallet, these are some great security features – the fact that you can buy and sell crypto with Guarda wallet and that you can also store send or receive them safely. Probably more safe than 99% of crypto exchanges. In a way, this makes trading crypto available on Guarda wallet. Its similar to a cryptocurrency exchange, but its actually in a ligh wallet with a safe environment.

Guarda Wallet Review Conclusion

With more than 2 years of developments and one of the best support in the crypto industry, Guarda wallet has become the best multi-cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to store your cryptocurrency. Give it a try and create a Guarda Wallet today.

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