Protect the security of their crypto assets with Bitcoin mixer

When making payments using cryptocurrency, one of the main security factors is the protection of personal data of crypto-wallet owners. Blockchain analysis by fraudsters carries risks for crypto assets of users, therefore it is necessary to ensure high anonymity of transactions and wallets addresses. The BitMix.Biz mixer provides a high level of transaction anonymity, and therefore the security of digital funds.

Ensuring inability of track users

The BitMix.Biz service has functions that provide protection against blockchain vulnerabilities in order to prevent leakage of personal data of users into the hands of third parties. The openness of cryptocurrency blockchain networks provides trust in digital assets, which determines their value. At the same time, transaction analysis allows attackers to identify specific people using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mixer does not allow tracking transactions to prevent such activity.

When mixing transactions, a Bitcoin mixer BitMix.Biz uses a earlier prepared cryptocurrencythat has already been cleared up from various addresses. Therefore, users do not need to wait for confirmation of all transactions involved in mixing that starts immediately if you do not choose a deferred payment, which greatly complicates the analysis of the blockchain. In addition, the protection against the return of the coins you sent will not allow your identification.

The transaction randomization feature greatly increases the complexity of transaction tracking. An additional powerful protection of the confidentiality of user transactions when using this Bitcoin mixer is the ability to change the commission from 0.4% to 4% of the amount of mixing. This method of determining the percentage of fee greatly complicates the Bitcoin analysis. You can change the level of cryptocurrency cleaning fee both in manual mode and automatically.

BitMix.Biz does not store transaction logs after consensus occurs. Also, support for the TOR connection allows for complete anonymity. With the constant use of the Bitcoin mixer through with TOR, your data will be in maximum security.

Mixing Bitcoin and Litecoin is currently available, and the ability to mix Ethereum will appear in the near future. BitMix.Biz offers an interface in 10 languages and an affiliate program. Business customers of the service can use the service in their own project by installing the API key on their website.

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