Samsung Exploring Blockchain By Filing For Cryptocurrency Related Trademarks

Samsung, the world famous electronics company headquartered in South Korea is discovered to be filing applications for trademarks. Not just any trademarks, but ones related to Blockchain.

According to reports, three European trademarks have been filed by the electronics giant. These are called ‘Blockchain Keystore’, ‘Blockchain key box’ and ‘Blockchain Core’.  All three have been filed under the trademark category of ‘Smartphones: Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application.”

These trademarks point towards forms of private or public key storage.

With all references, it could either be a separate hardware wallet, or one that’s built into its future devices. As per Sammobile, Samsung’s cryptocurrency service will have two parts. These include a cold wallet for saving Cryptocurrency, public and private keys as well as signing private keys for crypto transactions along with viewing account information and transaction history.

Zerocrypted Opinion

Samsung may be focusing the trademarks towards a Blockchain powered smartphone. It looks pretty certain it is following the footsteps of HTC’s Exodus 1 and Sirin Labs’ Finner.

Samsung’s upcoming model is the Galaxy S10, and the Blockchain powered Crypto facilities may be attached to it. However, nothing has been confirmed yet and according to Coindesk Samsung has denied rumours of the Galaxy S10 featuring a Cryptocurrency wallet.

Samsung has already been positive about its technology having the best security for storing cryptocurrency. It had drawn sceptics, however, looks like Samsung is proving with their actions and not words!

One thing is for sure Samsung, being a trustworthy, popular and mainstream brand will be able to help Cryptocurrency adoption phenomenally.  As Twitter user Rob Mitchell explained perfectly well in his reply to Mike Dudas’s tweet about Samsung’s exploration on Blockchain trademarks –

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