Earn money through staking cryptocurrency

Staking Rewards

Some say crypto-currencies are the next big thing. Others say that digital currencies are just a gimmick and will soon be off the market. The fact is, however, that some people have already become rich with Bitcoin and co. Of course, a lot of people still want to jump on this already running train. It is not too late yet. With these crypto-currencies, you can collect rewards for possession alone…

Unlike mining, staking does not require expensive hardware.

In order to store the individual transactions in the blockchain, new blocks must be created again and again. There are two main procedures for this: Proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. Proof-of-work involves complicated calculations of mathematical problems. Whoever finds the solution may write the new block in the blockchain and is rewarded with coins of the corresponding crypto currency, for example Bitcoin. However, this method is very performance-hungry and consumes a lot of power.

More efficient is the proof-of-stake procedure. Here, the transaction blocks are checked by the network participants, who store their coins in a specific digital wallet. Depending on how many coins of a crypto currency one owns and how long they have been in possession, the more rewards one receives. So everybody can participate in staking without investing a lot of money in hardware and without running costs. The following crypto currencies are well suited to earn passive income:


– VeChain




With this new crypto currency, the great advantages are an all-in-one solution for staking and storage as well as a decent return on investment. The WAVE token enables users to receive daily returns of a 0.03- 0.3%, depending on the staking difficulty. This puts it on the list as one of the top crypto assets to generate passive income from. Though, you need a minimum amount of 1.000 WAVE to participate in staking, is around 100-200$, based on the price range of the past months. The return is calculated on the total number of WAVE Tokens that are actively staking.

With WAVE’s digital wallet, which is already available as a hot wallet solution and will soon be available as a smartphone app for Android and iOS, it is also possible to store other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example.

In addition, WAVE’s currently developing an own exchange which will soon be implemented into the platform. So every user of WAVE will have the opportunity to trade his BTC straight into WAVE and vice versa. Furthermore WAVE offers the possibility to send payments with the coins to other users via the wallet, completely anonymous.

Visit their website and start staking WAVE: https://www.waveplatform.io/


VeChain wants to solve supply chain management problems with its crypto currency. Counterfeit products or errors in production and delivery should be identifiable thanks to monitoring with VeChain. The control of the origin makes sense for example with expensive products like watches or similar. All relevant information is stored in VeChain’s counterfeit-proof block chain and can be retrieved if required.

The system is based on the two crypto currencies VET and THOR. While VET represents the block chain itself, THOR is necessary for the payment of services of the system. It is relevant for Stakers that the THOR tokens are paid out for possession of VET. The more VET you own, the more THOR you receive. The VET must be stored in the VETHOR wallet or other wallets that support staking. The annual yield is just under two percent. That’s not very much, but you support a very interesting project.


PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction. It is a fork of one of the most popular crypto currencies, DASH. The PIVX network is designed for private, i.e. anonymous, transactions. Therefore PIVX belongs to the category of Privacy Coins (for explanation If possible, link to: https://hackernoon.com/top-5-privacy-coins-for-a-regulated-crypto-market-b126062f0293


To use staking with the PIVX Coins, they must be stored in the official PIVX Core Wallet. Rewards are given to everyone who provides his PIVX coins in this way for the proof-of-stake mechanism. Depending on how many coins you have, however, the higher the chance of receiving a reward. Yields in the range of seven to eight percent per year are possible.


The open source project NULS offers a highly customizable block chain infrastructure consisting of several functional modules. The goal here is to overcome the barriers of the block chain and to enable the technology to be used in various commercial areas, especially with smart contracts. The NULS tokens are used to pay transaction or application fees, to support NULS-based applications and to reward the stackers.

Staking requires the official nuls.io wallet, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as for iOS and Android. As a minimum, however, you need 2.000 NULS to participate in the staking. Returns of 5-10% per year are possible.


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