Bitcoin Slot Games – The future of online gambling?

Since the internet appeared, gambling games evolved massively. We now have online casinos with slots, blackjack, roulette and many other games. But a major problem that there is in the gambling industry is that the results cannot be tested.

You just take each casino for granted or for the image that the casino has. You can’t verify how fair are the games to a normal online casino. The casino can set a lower rate on the games and you couldn’t know. But all this changed a bit after Bitcoin appeared.

At first, Bitcoin operates as an ideal casino chip. It provides privacy, immediacy and irreversibility. Its basically the same as in a real life casino, with bitcoin being the chip. Then, game makers got smart and smarter and created a ‘provably fair’ system. This is basically an algorithm which can be verified for fairness.

For example, if you’d played a dice type of game and you think the game cheated on you – you can use the provably fair system to check if the casino is trustworthy or they’re more likely to grab all your funds and run. And one of the best things is that this system can be used on online slots also. This is how the bitcoin slots appeared.

What’s so special about Bitcoin slots?

Bitcoin slots brought something new to the table : the provably fair system. The system allows you to check if the slots machines are being fair with the players. Another great thing that recently appeared in the bitcoin slots industry is selecting the risk level that you want.

And its actually something that should have been included in the industry a long, long time ago. Its incredibly useful & fun to play. With this option, you can select if you want some low risk slots, medium risks slots or even high risks slots. An example you can see below from MintDice.

As you may notice, you can select how risky you want the game to be. The riskier you choose, the bigger the payout is.Its awesome that the slot game pay for each 3 symbols you get. You can get 3 of them in the middle and the game still pays for them. And you also have a wild symbol which can double your winnings.

You might be also asking yourself – what are the odds of winning a jackpot on this type of machines? Well, for the blue one ( the less risky one) the ods are 1 in 10,485.7. Which actually is a decent amount that can be won really easy. The jackpot prize here is 100x your bet.

For green, the jackpot prize is 1000x your bet and the odds of getting it are 1 in 47,662.5. Its almost 5 times harder to his the green one compared with the odds of hitting the blue one.

The red slots and the most riskier ones have the best jackpot prize: 10,000x your bet. But, the odds of hitting it are pretty hard: 1 in 262,143.7. This is 26 times harder than hitting a blue one and 5 times harder than hitting the green one. You can see more details about this on the casino games FAQ page.

The fact that you can select how risky you want the bitcoin slots to be, the provably fair system, the transparency and lastly the fact that you can play with bitcoin makes the bitcoin slot games better than the normal ones. They’re probably not that shinny and colourful, but you can verify the results, not trust the casino.

Besides the slot games, you have other provably fair games that you can easily play using BTC. If you’ve ever checked a bitcoin casino, then you’re probably familiarized with the dice game.

The dice game is basically a game of change where you’d bet on the outcome of a dice. The dice can get any value between 0.00 and 99.99. You can bet above or below a certain number and gain a profit out of it. And the nicest thing is that the results can be tested using the provably fair technology.

Another awesome game is the Bit.Rocket game. A game where you pick how high you think the rocket can go and you’ll multiply your bet by that amount. For example, If I say the rocket will go 2x and it goes at 2.38x – i will win my bet x 2.


If you want to gamble, at least do it responsibly and on a place where you can verify the outcomes and make sure the casino is not stealing from your. After all, this is what gambling should be – a game of chance.


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