Swiss Army Knife For Crypto Trading Upbots (UBXT) Announces FTX IEO

2020 has seen an influx of investors into the realm of cryptocurrencies and DeFi. We may be about to witness the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It is this potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that Upbots is hoping to leverage. There are several platforms through which users can generate a passive income, Upbots aims to go one step further and combine all of them. The platform aims to become the All-in-one trading ecosystem for modern traders, be it Forex & Commodities, Crypto, DeFi.


Upbots aims to lower the threshold for new traders who are just starting in trading cryptocurrency or Forex, while also offering an advanced interface coupled with a single point of control for experienced traders. Upbots mission is to become the preferential platform for both beginner and professional traders by creating an easy-to-use interface with portfolio management tools.

Beginners will find that Upbots has a low learning curve, making it extremely easy to set up and start trading and get profitable. Upbots risk management tools help to keep your capital safe. Experts will find increased efficiency with 24/7 automatic trades, personal indicators strategy, and a single point of control for multidimensional trading data and strategies.

Main features. What does all-in-one signify?

As mentioned earlier, Upbots is bringing together services that were only available in standalone platforms. With services like such as:

• A blockchain-based web and mobile trading platform, linked to several major exchanges.

• Training sections that will help you learn, at your own pace.

• Advanced tools and trading strategies.

• A social copy trading tool that is perfect for newcomers and busy traders.

• Bot creator section. Develop your own trading algorithm or rent it.

• A wide range of automatic trading bots.

• Link to the best signal providers.

• Support tools to help create a seamless trading experience.

Upbots will be a one-stop-shop solution for all your trading and DeFi investments. The dashboard will be connected through secure APIs to all of the largest exchanges, enabling you to trade without a single worry and in the best conditions possible. Upbots plans to integrate with all major exchanges with sufficient liquidity, having announced that the platform will be adding OKEx and ByBit. The Whitepaper published by Upbots also mentions that BitMEX, Bittrex, CoinbasePro, Kraken, and Binance will be supported along with more exchanges.

Upbots has also announced that it is partnering with DEX.AG. DEX.AG is an aggregator for decentralized exchanges, at the moment, DEX.AG supports 9 DEXes. Thanks to this partnership, the Upbots dashboard will give you instant access to atomic token swaps on the exchanges supported by DEX.AG. Upbots also provides charting tools that are functional across all exchanges. Decentralized exchanges only have rudimentary charts, so this is a massive improvement for them in particular. To add to this, Upbots also has a learning platform that it hosts, which traders can use to learn, improve their skills and grow, all at their own pace. Its library of in-depth resources coming in handy for more seasoned enthusiasts as well.

According to Upbots, new investors lack the proper resources, training, and guidance due to which many quit the market after sustained losses and losing their capital. The platform aims to correct this by giving investors “all the tools they need to be successful.”

Without enough knowledge, amateur traders have to put in quite a few hours of learning about trades. Trading for them becomes more of a gamble. Upbots hosts trading bots with a profitable record that customers can use to automatize their trades. They can also copy all trades from veteran traders who are on the platform. Traders on the platform who provide trading signals and copy trading opportunities receive a commission. This ecosystem helps the new traders learn and profit from the veteran traders while giving the experienced traders incentive to share their knowledge.

Upbots as a platform is more than just a trading platform. Through all these functionalities that it combines into one platform, it becomes a DeFi/DEX, CEX aggregator, Forex, Commodities, Bot and Social trading marketplace and an education hub.

What powers the Upbots ecosystem?

The ERC-20 Token UBXT powers the Upbots ecosystem. All payments on the platform use this token. Users can also stake UBXT for a predefined time period. Doing this grants users benefits like free online courses or free subscriptions. UBXT will soon become available through a public token sale.

The tokens will have a central role on the platform. Hold programs, referrals, community interactions are other examples of how UBXT will be used on the Upbots platform.

UBXT token distribution

A total of 500 million UBXT will be distributed through institutional, private, and IEO token sales.

45% of the 500 million (225 million) has been allocated for these sales. Of these:

  • 39% were sold at 0.01$ per UBXT (22% institutional sale and 17% Private sale)
  • The remaining 6% (30M UBXT) will be sold during the upcoming FTX IEO sale.

The rest of the tokens (55%) will be distributed as per the following:

  • 25% as reserve holdings.
  • 14% to the UBXT development fund.
  • 10% to the team.
  • 5% to the advisors.
  • 1% to Bug Bounty.

Partnership with Alameda Research

To realize the goal of becoming the number one interface for traders wanting to trade on both DEXs and CEXs and wanting to loan, stake, or borrow their assets through various DeFi protocols, Upbots has partnered with Alameda Research. Alameda Research is one of the premier trading houses in the crypto space, and their expertise will be critical for Upbots in helping the project scale up their trading ecosystem.

Alameda Research’s strategic investment in Upbots aims to combine DEX and CEX, to form a trading system integrating various DeFi protocol supporting mortgage and lending, seamless switching between manual and robot transactions. Upbots gives full access to DEX, CEX, and DeFi landscape from a single platform, which makes it the go-to tool for traders within the ecosystem. Combining this with support tools, a learning platform, Bot creator sections can allow amateur and experienced traders to secure their future.

What does Alameda Research’s strategic investment aim to achieve?

Upbots, supported by Alameda Research, plans to become the go-to interface for traders who want to trade on DEXs and CEXs. The project will combine DEX and CEX, creating a trading system that can support the integration of DeFi protocols, mortgage, lending, seamless switching between a bot and manual transactions.

Having already partnered with several platforms in the DeFi, DEX, and CEX space, Upbots is also actively pursuing DEX, DeFi protocols, and other projects. All these partnerships can help traders on the Upbots platform trade seamlessly on a host of exchanges from the Upbots interface.


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