The cryptocurrency market has been heavily affected by a strong sell-off that has been closely related to the current situation in the financial markets. Due to this reason, a large number of altcoins have lost ground against Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Despite that, investors do want to know more about VVS Finance’s price prediction and what could happen with the VVS digital currencies. In the next few sections, we share with you all the things you should know about VVS Finance and what could happen with VVS price.

What is VVS Finance (VVS)?

VVS Finance is one of the latest platforms that want to make decentralized finance (DeFi) easy and accessible to everyone. This project works as a gateway to the DeFi market by allowing users to take control of their finances and earn VVS rewards. One of the main goals is to make DeFi simple and easy for this sector to reach a larger number of users from all around the world.

At the moment, VVS Finance is offering different streams of passive income for investors to get access to the latest trends in the DeFi market. Thanks to rare and potentially rewarding farms, VVS Finance wants to become a leading project in the cryptocurrency industry.

VVS tipping point

VVS Finance continues to work with different projects in order to launch new solutions and services to crypto investors. One of the latest things that are worth taking into consideration includes the addition of Ferro Protocol to VVS Launchpad.

The expansion of the project as a whole has helped the virtual currency attract new investors over the last few months. Due to this reason, we have seen VVS being traded at $0.00015 after being released at the end of last year. This shows that when the token was launched to the market, there has been strong demand for this digital currency.

However, due to the bear trend in which digital assets are since November 2021, the digital currency was traded downward. VVS has been trying to stay afloat, but with the crypto market pushing prices lower this became a very difficult thing to do.

This move downwards has not stopped VVS Finance to sign new partnerships and work with other projects in the crypto industry. Indeed, it is clearly a very important thing to continue to build and offer new solutions during bear markets. This gives projects the possibility to move higher faster and stronger during bull trends.

Over the last few months, these have been the maximum prices for VVS Finance:

December 2021: $0.00015

January 2022: $0.00005711

February 2022: $0.00004303

March 2022: $0.00003017

April 2022: $0.0000283

May 2022: $0.00002134

June 2022: $0.00000856

It would be a key thing for VVS Finance to continue working and releasing new solutions in the coming months to stay afloat.

VVS Finance (VVS) Price Prediction – How much can VVS price increase in 2022?

Investors would like to know more about VVS Finance (VVS) price prediction. This is why we have some of the best traders in TradingView sharing their points of view about what could happen to VVS Finance in the future.

  1. In March 2022, this analyst believed that there was a possibility for VVS to start moving higher after a possible correction. However, the market has been very hard on this digital asset as it happened with the whole cryptocurrency market in the last few months. The next resistance level to look at is $0.00002122.

VVS Correction by MW45 on

2. AyoKu performed an Elliott Wave theory analysis of VVS/USDT and showed that there was a possibility for this digital currency to have entered the third impulsive wave that could have helped the virtual currency get closer to $0.0001 once again. However, it seems that the coin stayed in wave n. 2 and the correction continues.

VVS/USD by AyoKu on

3. It has been quite hard to predict the price evolution for this virtual currency. This trader showed that the coin was moving higher and that there was a strong support level that broke a few months ago. This pushed the price of VVS lower and it is now traded at close to $0.00000580 per coin.

Retest of ascending trend line $VVS by asdfjklmao on

4. This trading expert had a very similar point of view to the previous analyst. He showed that the coin was moving higher and that the support level helped it a lot. Nonetheless, when the market started moving downwards, VVS Finance was also hit.

VVS Potential Swing to Upside by asdfjklmao on

5. CryptoBullInvest showed that the virtual currency was traded in a channel between $0.00002816 and $0.00002140. This channel was then broken when the market started moving downwards, which tanked after the problems faced by the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem.

VVS staking holding% per cent within 2 M by CryptoBullInvest on

What can you do with VVS token? What is the token utility of VVS?

As explained by the team at VVS Finance, the VVS token is the native token of the platform. Its utility derives from governance and rewards from applications. Therefore, the token can be used to reward investors that engage in the VVS ecosystem and it can also be useful for those investors that want to have a voice in the governance process.

Some of the core product features offered by VVS Finance and where the VVS token plays an important role include the following:

  • Bling Swap:

Users can easily swap a wide range of tokens for very low fees in seconds. This service is similar to the one offered by other swapping platforms. You can also supply liquidity and get rewarded for it.

  • Crystal Farms:

If you have LP tokens, then you can also be entitled to VVS rewards. Therefore, the VVS token becomes quite important if you want to get rewarded for using this unique platform.

  • Flitter Mines:

VVS token lovers and investors that believe in the long-term view of this project can stake their VVS tokens and receive even more VVS.

  • Initial Gem Offerings (IGOs):

Finally, you can also use your VVS tokens to participate in different Initial Gem Offerings (IGOs).

What would be a decent VVS Price prediction for 2022?

When analyzing what could happen to the future of this virtual currency, we see that it might be difficult for it to move higher without the whole crypto market recovering from the current bear trend. It would be very important to see how the market evolves and whether this could have a positive impact on VVS.

At the moment, and for the coming months, the coin could be traded sideways or even lower, unless cryptocurrencies bottom and VVS changes its trend. By the end of 2022, it could be very positive for VVS Finance to reach at least $0.00004, the same price that the coin had in February 2022.

Can VVS Price reach $1?

It will be quite difficult for VVS’ price to reach $1 now or in the future. We should understand that a token such as this one with a large total supply to reach $1. In order for that to happen, the total market valuation of this virtual currency would be above $44 trillion, which is impossible, unless there is hyperinflation with the USD, which seems unlikely, at least in the near future. Despite the possibility for this coin to move higher, it will most likely remain below $0.10.

Let’s have a look at possible prices for VVS Finance in the next few years:

VVS Price prediction 2022: $0.0000005 – $0.00004

VVS Price prediction 2023: $0.0000001 – $0.0002

VVS Price prediction 2024: $0.0000001 – $0.0008

VVS Price prediction 2025: $0.0000001 – $0.0015

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