5 Things to Check When You’re Picking a Crypto Casino


Its extremely important to pick a cryptocurrency casino with a good reputation. You can easily find one by searching for opinions on Google. If you see that one has a lot of negative reviews, you’re most likely to be among those if you decide to play there.

So, reputation is extremely important. This is one of the main rules that smartcasinoguide.com explains to its users. If you pick a bad casino, your odds are against you from the start.

VIP Program

A great cryptocurrency casino must have a VIP program. If you play weekly at least, you’d probably like a casino that would reward you with bonuses or cashback promotions every now and then. That’s why a VIP program increases your odds of winning.

Most of the established casinos have a powerful VIP program. If you’re playing at a casino, you have a pretty decent chance to win but also a good one to lose. So, its important that the casino would have some kind of a consolation prize in case you won.

Most of the VIP programs offer cashback bonuses where you get up to 15% of your money back. There are also a few where you generate points and using those points you can redeem those for a Amazon gift card, cash or even something way more valuable – like a car. To find these, make sure you check the casino rating.

Wide variety of games

Not every person that plays on a casino is a slots enthusiasts. So, if you think that casinos are all about Slots or luck – you’re pretty much wrong. There are some people that analyze soccer games and do their best to predict the outcome. Only a few, under 10% of those – live from betting.

But the ones that do, they do it because they pick the casinos with the higher odds & analyze the matches on a huge variety of factors. But there are some people that doesn’t like betting on sports. That’s why, a casino must have a wide variety of games. Roulette, Blackjack, eSports betting is something that every casino must have in 2020. If they also come up with a new game or something, that means the casino is also focusing on the innovation sign – so that’s extremely good.

Support, Deposit & Withdrawals

The support on a casino is more important than you’d believe. As any software created by a human, a casino might have an issue or a bug. The support people could easily help you in case something like that happens. Moreover, they are the ones that could help you in case you have certain questions about the casino.

Deposits & withdrawals are another important thing for the casino. If the casino accepts more than 10-20 deposit & withdrawal options, you know that they’re most likely reliable. Plus, you get to deposit with your favorite paying method or even with cryptocurrency – which is a perfect option to play on a casino as the transfer takes less than 10 minutes and the process involves a much better privacy than using a credit card or a bank account. Using crypto, the casino don’t have so much data about you.

Live Casino

In 2019, having live casino games on an online casino become a necessity. People don’t trust software anymore on Blackjack, Roulette or other games. Instead, they want to see a real person there. This is an issue about trust, most of the people would trust a person for Blackjack or Roulette instead of a software that could be altered so that the casino would win more than they should.


We hope you liked our small guide on picking the perfect crypto casino for you. If you pick one, remember to gamble responsibly and only lose and amount that you’re able too. Usually, under 5% of your monthly income is recommended to be played, not more.


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