Achieving Browser Security in 2020

Since time immemorial, security has been a crucial aspect of society. The need for individuals, corporations and even the government to secure lives and properties have been on a steady increase as we progress through time. With respect to technology, in particular, security threats have become so prevalent due to the advent of the internet.

No one is Immune to Cyberattack

Nowadays, everyone is a potential victim of cyberattacks – and on different levels. Corporations, especially those that deal with finance and user data are usually targeted by cybercriminals due to the large importance of the assets they control. Such criminals either look to make away with some money, steal personal information, or disrupt the normal operations of the organization through Dedicated Denial of Service (DDoS).

For individuals, the aims of the attack are pretty much the same as stated above – to make away with personal or sensitive information such as bank account details and account passwords for malicious purposes. Cyberattacks on government are usually massive and are conducted by covert agents in order to steal some secret or cause a form of disruption within the country.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, and power players, there is no need to exaggerate how much security means to the success of their ventures. In the past couple of years, the cryptocurrency space has been faced with numerous attacks leading to loss of revenue amounting to several millions of dollars.

Secure Browsers for Curbing Cyberattacks

Due to this, security experts, individuals, and corporations have taken it upon themselves to find a lasting solution to this menace that is constantly threatening the internet at large. One good portal for setting up a good defense against cyberattacks is at the browser point. A secure web browser that helps protect your data is critical to safe browsing, especially when dealing with cryptocurrency assets.

In the eventuality that these browsers are not set up properly, they could give way for cybercriminals to have access to sensitive information. The information that can be given away by web browsers are:

  • login details including username and password;
  • cache and cookies;
  • browsing history;
  • autofill information such as names, email addresses, addresses, etc.

It is certain that different browsers have different features that make them stand out from the rest. Outlined below are popular web browsers known for their stellar security properties:

  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Iridium Browser;
  • GNU IceCat Browser;
  • Tor Browser;
  • Ungoogled Chromium Browser;
  • Brave Browser;
  • Pale Moon Browser;

Securing your Browser Against Cyberattacks

Ignorantly, a lot of people assume that when they use private or incognito mode in their browser, they get absolute protection from cyber threats. The only function incognito mode provides is preventing the web browser from storing login details, cookies, passwords, and browsing history. It really doesn’t make browsing activities hidden from the internet. While browsing in private mode, the following are still applicable:

  • Every site visited is visible to the Internet Service Provider. Upon special request, ISPs are required to submit web browsing activities of their users to the authorities.
  • The IP address of the user is still made known to ads, websites, and tracking bots. This goes to show that tracking is still made possible even when in incognito mode.

To mitigate these challenges, asides using secure browsers, and employing secure browsing principles, downloading and installing a secure VPN on your browser. A VPN helps encrypts the network traffic, adding several layers of encryption to the data, hiding them from the ISP. Asides this, the VPN assigns to the user a new IP address by connecting the user through a server in a new country. Using this, the user has access to geo-restricted cryptocurrency trading platforms allowing the user to make more money through access to more opportunities.

Asides using a VPN, cryptocurrency owners and traders can also install useful plugins that avail them with boundless opportunities in securing their assets and keeping their private information safe. Some of these include crypto price tracker, coinmarketcap price ticker, VPN extensions, password vault, etc.

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