Siacoin wallets – 5 Awesome Siacoin (SC) Wallets

The Siacoin is currently one of the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The Siacoin is not just a coin that you trade depending on the market value, rather it is the key to your private file storage. It has several amazing features that make it an exciting investment venture but they also make it quite difficult to find a good wallet for siacoin.

Wallet integration with Siacoin should not be taken lightly. Your wallet of choice and the Siacoin need a high level of collaboration to work properly. You need a wallet that is secure and can also meet other important needs you may have as a user. It should not only be easily accessible but also reliable. Your wallet for Siacoin should be able to protect you from hacks, threats, and thefts.

We decided to do some research and dig out the best Siacoin wallets available to help investors find the right wallet for their needs. There aren’t too many options available for storing your Siacoin cryptocurrencies. But the options on this list are good enough for safely storing our Siacoin.

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Understanding Sia

Sia is a decentralized storage platform that encrypts your files and distributes them across a decentralized network; it is secured by the Blockchain technology. The Sia Storage Platform (SSP) creates a reliable and low-cost data storage platform using the underutilized capacity around the world. It is also better than the traditional cloud storage providers such as Amazon’s AWS.

With Sia, you get to own your data and control your private encryption keys. It also eliminates intermediaries thus limiting any third party interferences. It stores and distributes redundant file segments on nodes across the globe, ensuring uptime and eliminating all possible points of failure.

5 best siacoin wallets

Sia.UI (desktop wallet)

This is the official wallet for Siacoin being that it was created by Nebulous which the team behind Siacoin and the Sia storage platform. You can even download it from the official Sia website which makes it very accessible and easy to pick. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It also happens to be the most secure desktop wallet for your Sia tokens.

Sia.UI is also compatible with iOS devices and considered to be the best Siacoin wallet for such devices.

To get started on Sia.UI wallet, all you have to do is go to Siacoin’s website and download it. After that, you will either create a new Siacoin wallet or restore a wallet using a passphrase called a seed. If you are creating a new wallet, you will be given 24 random words that will work as your secret seed without which you can’t access your wallet. So ensure that you have a safe backup for those

The wallet’s first set up may take a while because it’s essentially downloading the Blockchain to your computer so that you can easily access it for safe file storage.

Sia Android wallet (mobile wallet)

This one is a Sia mobile wallet with a sleek interface and a smooth performance. It is important to note that even though it was not developed by the team behind Sia, it serves as an Android client for the Sia network that is currently used by many Siacoin users.

Using advanced features like contracts and allowances built in the app, a user can send and receive Siacoin using the countable wallet and store their files on the Sia network. This is one of those initiatives by the Sia community that is helping more people be able to store their siacoin.

Apart from the usual features of a Sia wallet such as sending and receiving Siacoin, you can run a Sia node on your Android device and interact with the storage platform through the re-enter module. They are also planning to add support for complete Blockchain integration to enable their users to enjoy all the storage features of Sia as soon as possible.

To download you can either go here or go to google play and download the Sia app; alternatively, you can download it via GitHub here.

Once you are done downloading the app, you will fire it up for the first time which will be followed by the synching process. Next, you will need to create a wallet and ensure to set a strong password which you will need each time you are unlocking your account.

Siacoin cold storage (wallet generator)

This is a facility for generating seeds and addresses for the Sia Blockchain without actually connecting to the network (air gapping), thus you don’t risk losing sensitive details to hackers. It is free to download and simple to use.

Download the Siacoin cold storage wallet generator here for Windows and Linux. Then you can use it on a computer that is offline or better yet on an air-gapped live CD for maximum security.

Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

This is one of the best-performed hardware wallets that allows you to store your private keys in a hardware device that is completely disconnected from the internet thus preventing hacks and theft. Using a secure hardware device would be our recommendation for the best Siacoin wallet.

To use the Ledger Nano S, you connect it to your computer or mobile phone and access the crypto via the application called Ledger Live, to send and receive crypto and check the balance of your portfolio.

Sia Central Lite Wallet

5 Best Siacoin Wallets 2020 (Mobile - Web - Hardware)

This is a brand new lighter Sia wallet option that can synch up with your ledger Nanos device and store your Siacoin. It is a web interface that lets you create three different types of Siacoin wallets namely 29-word seed wallets, Ledger Nanos wallet, and Watch-only wallets.

It is still in Beta, but it has a clean-looking interface and is very easy to get started with.

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