Finding the best bookmakers when betting with bitcoin

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you probably already know that there are a dozen of casinos that are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Of course, the best way to deposit at a casino like this is trough Bitcoin as its the most widely accepted and 100% of the established cryptocurrency casinos accept Bitcoin as a way of payment. But what else you should take into consideration?

Finding the Bookmakers by rating

Starting with a good bookmaker will save you a lot of trouble over the long run. Mostly because these ones are established ones that will surely pay your winnings. Compared to the newly launched ones, these established ones have a higher budget and they’re already prepared in case someone wins their biggest jackpot.

Betting with bitcoin is surely something that you need to take into consideration. There are certain smaller websites that accepts only a certain cryptocurrency such as EOS,ETH or TRX. Usually, you can understand that a casino is already established when he has a wide variety of options to deposit or withdraw – such as Webmoney, Visa cards and even Bitcoin.

You also need to check the bookmaker’s security. You’ll be depositing money there so you need to make sure that the business you’re depositing money to has a great security to keep your funds safe. If not, you might risk that the platform would get closed and your funds could be lost. A website such as stake hunters analyze a lot of websites and offer you only the best casinos that you can play on.

Finding good tipsters

You can be good at sports betting, but a second opinion is always better. That’s why you need to check some good tipsters before placing bets and see how many of them agree with your opinion and what other tips do they know.

A team can lose a match because their key player is missing or that they’re playing in a city where they haven’t won in years. Or they just traveled 12 hours by car to play there and they’re tired. There are a lot of factors you need to know before placing the bet – that’s why seeing what tipsters say its pretty important.

Some of them are analyzing that team for more than a few months, so they surely know more than someone who just plays the odds. Of course, they make bad calls also. But the important thing is that they get on profit in the long run. A novice could get a good bet or two, but if he doesn’t analyze the matches properly, he will end up losing his winnings in a short time.

Register with more than one bookmaker

Most of the tipsters & other people who are getting a profit from betting have an account one more than 5-10 bookmakers who they’ve placed bets with and they know they are reliable. Different bookmakers have different odds. Some might have a 1.5 for a game while others can have a 1.59. That’s a 9% extra profit that you’re missing in case the game turns our as you’re expecting. Plus, ,some bookmakers don’t have so many options on a game while others do. It would really be a shame if you’d like to bet on a certain outcome and that betting websites doesn’t have it. That’s why tipsters recommend to have more than one bookmaker where you can bet on.

Another unfortunate thing that might happen: you favorite betting website don’t have the sport that you’re looking to bet on, or the match that you’re looking to bet on. Certain betting websites have only a few sports that are popular and don’t focus on niche ones. Having two bookmakers or more gives you more options and you might also be able to do some safe best for a 1-3% profit. Who knows.


We hope that we helped you understand better what it matters when you start betting with bitcoin & how you can have better odds to win. Remember to only gamble an amount that you can lose and not become addicted. Be GambleAware.


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