TAP vs. Wirex- Which Crypto card is better?

As the global economic system is pivoting towards a decentralized economy, cryptocurrencies continue to grow into mainstream adoption and transactions via cryptocurrencies are becoming frequent. There is a need for services that connect traditionally and new digital ecosystems, and one of the ways this manifests is via crypto cards such as Tap or Wirex. Like regular debit cards, these allow you to spend money from an account by swiping your card (or entering the numbers from it). The big difference is that instead of this card linking to your bank account, it connects to one of your crypto wallets.

Cards like Tap and Wirex provide an alternative to conventional financial institutions and empower retail and corporate customers to buy, exchange, and pay using fiat and cryptocurrency. Both these cards vary in perks, fees, and other features, so we did all the research for you.

The Tap  Card

Tap was the first crypto prepaid card program to get approved by Mastercard, making it easier for people to buy, hold and exchange into multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies, which can be spent everywhere as Mastercard is accepted around the world. It supports 12 cryptocurrencies and 3 fiat currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, USDT,  USDC, Dogecoin, and its premium plans enable consumers to earn up to 5% interest on these currencies.

Tap has laid out highly profitable interest rates for all three of its premium cards. The interest rates for the titanium plan of Tap are following


BTC : 2%           ETH: 4%           LTC : 3%           USDC : 5%

USDT: 5%         ADA: 2%          XRP : 2%           DOGE : 2%

DOT : 2%         SHIB : 2%         LINK : 2%            MANA: 2%


USD : 5%            GBP : 5%           EUR ; 5%

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Card Highlights      

Monthly management fee zero
Exchanging fee (Crypto to fiat) 0.6%
ATM withdrawal fee Free up to 500€
Proprietary Token XTP
Card spending fee zero
Daily transaction limit €10,000


Wirex Visa Card    

The Wirex card lets its users pay internationally, once a user pays a specific amount while ordering the card. It is linked to 10 fiat and 8 cryptocurrencies secure accounts in the Wirex app, allowing Wirex cardholders to exchange, buy and hold multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies. The service supports the British Pound, the Euro, and the US Dollar. Under cryptocurrencies, Wirex supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, WAVES, XRP, and WXT – their native token.

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Card Highlights

Monthly management fee zero
Cryptoback Percentage Up to 8%
Exchanging fees (Crypto to fiat) zero
ATM Withdrawal fee Free up to $250 (2% onwards) in USA
Proprietary Token WXT (Europe, APAC) and X-Points (loyalty point) in USA
Daily transaction limit 10000 USD


Wirex or TAP: Perks, fees and features

TAP’s premium plans are tailored to meet the demands of all traders and investors. Users can enjoy enhanced passive income prospects as well as fee savings on cryptos and foreign exchange to fulfill their needs & preferences. TAP customers have access to three  types of cards that vary in features, rewards, and fees that is demonstrated in the table below.

TAP Crypto cards Plans  Standard Black Titanium
Multi-currency account                    
Card Deposit Free Free Free
XTP Staking Free 250K

(67.525 USD)


(135 USD)

Staking Period           1 year 1 year
Interest rates Up to 3% up to 4% up to 5%
Crypto Trading Fees 1.5% 1% 0.6%
Exchange Fees 1.5% 1% Free
Free Monthly ATM Withdrawal 500€





Wirex provides a Wirex visa card that allows you to load it with cryptocurrencies and use it for payment services and withdrawals just like a regular card. It has multiple pricing plans which includes standard, premium and elite plans that cater to the needs of its consumers.It is important to note that the funds are deducted from cryptocurrency balance rather than fiat currency.

Wirex Pricing Plans Standard Premium Elite
Crypto Exchange fee 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Monthly fees zero €9.99/month €29.99/month
Multi-currency account
Card Issuance fee Free Free Free

Are the security of these crypto card companies reliable?

TAP offers a systematic and well-structured security approach that protects the confidentiality of TAP’s stored information, ensures the integrity of the company data, and improves the availability of its IT systems. Tap’s partnership with BitGo, a top qualified digital assets custodian, ensures the highest level of security for Tap’s customers. By carrying a $100 million coverage insurance as an additional layer of protection from Bit Go, Tap integrates a significant hedge against loss.

Wirex applies the 3-D Secure program to protect online transactions against fraud.. 3-D Secure provides an additional security layer for debit card transactions by sending a one-time password (OTP) to your phone whenever a purchase is made online with your card. This prevents any unauthenticated payment, even if a cardholder’s card number is stolen or cloned. Moreover, it offers $30 million in insurance coverage.

The Final Verdict

Both TAP and Wirex charge fees to fuel the conversion and payment but Tap clearly discloses its exchange partners, it has a very reasonable swipe fee of 0.6%. Tap has partnered with the largest and most liquid Crypto exchanges in the world—Binance, Kraken, BitMax, and Bitfinex—to access the best possible bids in the Crypto trading space at the time of a user’s purchase. Tap has a much more community-centric approach as it charges comparatively less card and withdrawal fees, no monthly fixed charges, and a better daily transaction limit as demonstrated above. If we compare the premium plans of both cards, Tap’s premium plan is accessible for users who stake 500K XTP (135 USD) for a year, therefore making it less expensive with higher perks than Wirex’s Elite Plan at $29.99 per month of fixed payments adding up to $359.88 a year. The staked 500K XTP (135 USD) will also go back to the user’s wallet once the 12months period is achieved.

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