The Only Cryptocurrency Trading Guide You Will Ever Need

As an individual living in the 21st century, you may have noticed a lot of advancements. Compared to the early 2000s, the world has come a long way in terms of technological development, especially in the form of currency.

There’s absolutely no way you haven’t heard about crypto. Most of the time, when people are involved in cryptocurrency, they are trading. Now, the cryptocurrency sector has amassed a lot of people, which led us to make this dedicated guide for you.

Say, you now have the right amount of money to put it into investments. How are you going to proceed from here? Cryptocurrency is something that’s becoming lucrative nowadays. With that, many exchanges are lurking everywhere. It is defined as the portals which link our world together with the cryptocurrency worlds. True enough, there is a multitude of existing exchanges today but before you pick one and invest, check this list to find out the things you need to mind.


As soon as you’re ready to do something, in the first place, you must ensure that the exchange is currently available within the area you’re residing at. For instance, Coinbase is among the world’s largest exchanges, is not yet available in countries like Indonesia and India. Surely, it would be a waste to come all the way here but without validating anything so make sure you do!


Following after validating your chosen exchange is now checking its reputation among the general public. You must ask yourself the following questions before trading in cryptocurrency:

  • Do their services make people happy or furious?
  • Is the system of this exchange prone to hackers?
  • Is the security of this exchange top-notch?
  • Are there any complaints regarding their platform and exchange in general?

In order to find the answer to these questions in a more convenient way, you might want to start checking social media platforms such as Twitter or Reddit.

Exchange Rates

After you’re done with validating and checking the reputation of your selected exchange, checking the exchange rates are now possible. Take note, different exchanges account for varying exchange rates throughout the cryptocurrency industry. You must research well and check at least 3-4 exchanges and its rates so you can choose better and smarter.


Choosing an exchange is not done without checking up its safety and security. In selecting an exchange, you must choose those who warrant any sort of ID verification from the user. Never mind how long it takes because it is considered a lot more safe than any exchanges that lurk in anonymity. Protection is key, especially when money is involved so taking extra measures in security won’t harm you.

Providing Protection For Your Cryptocurrency

As you start investing in cryptocurrency, you must prioritize obtaining a wallet since it is the main tool that saves your public address and private key. These two components aid in the storage, delivery, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Private Key enables you to access and deliver your money. Meanwhile, Public Address functions as the bridge in order for you to receive the money given by somebody else.


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