Betting With Crypto – Are there any benefits?

Many people started playing on crypto casinos lately, as the cryptocurrency market developed further. But is this really due to the cryptocurrency popularity or are the crypto casinos solving an actual issue that normal casinos have? First, let’s analyze a few aspects that matters on a normal casino.


Crypto spots betting websites have promotions too. In fact, most of them offer better promotions than normal casinos as they need to establish a name for themselves. If on a normal sports betting website you’d have a first time deposit bonus, on a crypto one you could get a second deposit one and even a 3rd deposit one as well as loyalty bonuses offered to the players that rake the most.

Most promotions are not depending on what payment method you use. So if you deposit a certain amount in BTC, you’d be getting the promotion value in USD. Which you can withdraw using any options that the casinos has.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits take way less than with a normal casino. If on a normal casino you’d have to wait for the bank approval in certain cases, here it takes only a few minutes – probably even less if you deposit a cryptocurrency that has a fast validation time, such as Litecoin or Ripple.

Withdrawals are easier to do also. There are certain sports betting websites where your withdraw request is processed instantly and you’d have the money on your wallet/bank account in no time. And of course, there’s some where the withdrawal takes a confirmation, but it takes only a few hours until the withdrawal is approved.


Clearly, most of the sports betting websites that accepts crypto are having better odds than established ones. They need to grow their brand and they anyway win from the difference on odds, so its normal to charge less at the beginning and to have a higher volume of players betting. If you’re looking to take advantage of the best odds, make sure to check our smart betting guide .


Most of these crypto sports betting websites are really into privacy and they will not require so many things as on a normal sports betting website. There are some that will require only an email or a telephone number to create your account and start playing. Why? Because they understood that people don’t really like their data in the open and they don’t want to spend one or two hours verifying their account before betting.

Benefits of betting on sports with crypto

  • The odds are better than with a normal sports betting website
  • Most of the sports betting websites are up from at least 2-3 years, so you might say they already have a reputation on the market which you can check before playing.
  • Easy to register – it takes only a few minutes compared with an hour or so that would take on a normal sports betting website.
  • Some withdrawals are processed instantly – there are some withdrawals processed instantly, you don’t need to wait hours or days to get the money into your bank account.
  • Deposits with crypto – a huge benefits for crypto enthusiasts that don’t want to play money from their paycheck or they want their funds to instantly be added into their account


Betting on sports with crypto is a better option than depositing fiat currency and complete all the verification method. At least this way, your privacy will be safe and you’d be able to bet on a game in less than 10 minutes.


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