Possible Ways of Making Money with Ethereum Crypto

The cryptocurrency world seems to have died down recently, but the reality is that it still has plenty of room for everyone who is willing to work hard. Expecting to make millions of dollars is more or less impossible, but that should not be something to get discouraged about.

Some markets are quite saturated, Bitcoin being the prime example. So perhaps going with something else would work in your favor? For instance, you could get away with Ethereum better than with other cryptocurrencies as it seems to be gaining more popularity recently.

Of course, people who have nothing in common with cryptocurrencies will likely struggle with finding their ground. Thus, it is important to start from the basics. The methods below will reveal how and what you can make with Ethereum.

Learn About Crypto

It is always good to start with actually learning things before committing to any methods. Cryptocurrency is a pretty tough nut to crack and you should come prepared because jumping right in will cause you money loss guaranteed.

There are plenty of sources online that you can read, listen to, or watch. Or if you like, you can buy a book or visit a live seminar if that is happening somewhere near your location.


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The idea of trading is a double-edged sword. It can become extremely profitable and make you rich, but at the same time, you can lose quite a lot of money as there are certain risks involved in it.

Everything starts with getting Ethereum. Buying it should not be a problem since it is not something illegal. Though it is worth mentioning that you might experience some constrictions depending on where you live.

Of course, bigger countries like the US or Canada are pretty much a given. As for those living in the Oceanic region, a great way to buy Ethereum in Australia would be simply clicking the link and getting redirected.

When you get some Ethereum, you will need to show some restraint and wait until the price increases, and then sell it. That is where the risk is involved – now knowing the exact time when to buy and when to sell. But these things become easier to predict with experience, so keep that in mind.


One of the biggest advantages of mining is that you can set everything up and the whole process is more or less automated. You will need to casually check and make sure that everything is running smoothly, but maintenance is not the issue.

However, before you fully commit yourself to mining, keep in mind that it is not as profitable as it once was. But then again, it is quite possible that the price of Ethereum will grow in the future. And that certainly makes the investment worth your while.

Affiliate Marketing

You will need a landing page. Ideally, it should be a website but a social media channel would do just as fine. As long as you can get decent traffic and convert the visitors into people who click on the link and complete the call-to-action, you can make a decent income from Ethereum. There are plenty of websites that will offer you an affiliate partnership.


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Similar to trading since there are risks involved, but the difference is that you are doing the gambling with the cryptocurrency rather than real money. It is not recommended for individuals who have addiction tendencies because it is easy to lose all of your money. But if you can manage to keep things in control, you should be perfectly fine. Crypto betting has become widely popular over the past year, especially with players betting from Canada

Writing Articles

Having writing skills is great in general, but if you can provide articles with knowledge about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, you should never be lacking in work. The pay is great and your income will be something that others are jealous of.

The options are also more or less limitless. Freelancing is one of the options, working for as much as you want and being your own boss. Or you could work for a company in the industry and sit at the desk, writing.

Giving Lectures

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There are plenty of individuals out there who are eager to learn more about Ethereum. If you have accumulated enough knowledge, sharing it could be one of the best ways of making money.

Speaking in front of the public is certainly not the only way to share your knowledge. You could run a YouTube channel or start a podcast. And once your audience grows, you can monetize it.

In a word, if you are showing interest in crypto and Ethereum in particular, then there is certainly a lot of ways to make yourself rich. It will take time before you can fully grasp the concept and understand how things work, but that effort is well worth it, especially given how much of an impact cryptocurrencies will have in the future.


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